Guinea Fowl Breeds For Sale

Guinea fowl are an exotic bird that is native to Africa. Guinea fowl have an interesting personality and make a great pet. They are very social, but can be loud at times. They are not recommended for apartment life as they need an area to roam and explore.

Guinea Fowl Breeds For Sale

There are four main types of guinea fowls: red, white, blue and lavender. Each color has its own unique characteristics that set it apart from the others. If you want to know more about each breed, read on!

Red Guinea Fowl

The red guinea fowl is one of the most popular breeds in the world. It is known for being a good layer and having a pleasant personality. Red guinea fowls are also good foragers because they love eating bugs and greens!

White Guinea Fowl

The white guinea fowl is known for being very friendly and easy-going compared to other breeds of guinea fowls! They make great pets because they enjoy spending time with humans! White guineas are also good layers so they will provide you with plenty of eggs!

Guinea Fowl Breeds For Sale

Guinea fowl are a large bird species, traditionally kept as a pet. They are often kept for their ornamental value and for the eggs they produce. Guinea fowl can be bred for their feathers, which come in different colors and patterns. Some breeds of guinea fowls have decorative plumage on their heads and necks.

There are many different types of guinea fowls available today. Some have fancy head crests while others have long feather trains on their backs, which makes them look like peacocks.

The most popular breeds of guinea fowl include:

Pearl Guinea Fowl (Poultry): Pearl guineas are one of the most common varieties available today. They have white feathers with black spots or splashes on them and they weigh between 2-4 pounds when mature. Pearl guineas can be distinguished by the black eye stripes they have around their eyes, which make them look like they are wearing mascara!

Blue Laced Red Guinea Fowl (Poultry): Blue laced reds are also very common because they produce an abundance of eggs every year (upwards of 120 per year). These birds usually weigh 3-4 pounds when full grown but

Guinea Fowl Breeds For Sale

The guinea fowl is a medium-sized African bird that has been domesticated for centuries. The guinea fowl has a variety of different breeds and varieties, each with their own unique characteristics.

Guinea Fowl Breeds

Breeding Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl History

The guinea fowl is a member of the pheasant family and is native to Africa. The first guinea fowl were imported into the United States in 1849 from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. These birds were then crossed with wild game birds to produce larger, more robust birds for meat production.

Today, guinea fowl are raised primarily for meat production as well as for ornamental purposes. The most common color for these birds is white but other colors may be available depending on the breeder or supplier you purchase from.

Guinea fowl are the most common type of guinea fowl found in the US. They are very colorful, which makes them popular pets. The guinea hens have beautiful plumage that ranges from white to brown, with some having blue feathers and black spots on their backs.

Guinea fowl breeds for sale include:

White Guinea Fowl – White is the most common color for these birds. They have yellow legs and beaks, with red wattles under their throats. They also have white feathers on their heads, necks and wings.

Black Guinea Fowl – Black guinea hens have green legs and red wattles under their throats, while their feathers are a darker shade of brown than those of the white guinea hens.

Blue Guinea Fowl – Blue guinea hens are similar to black ones in terms of appearance, but they have blue feathers instead of black ones. Their beaks and legs are also blue instead of red or green like other colors of guinea fowls

Guinea fowl are a popular backyard bird, as well as being a great way to keep ticks and other pests out of your yard.

There are many different types of guinea fowl, or poulet d’Inde. Guinea hens lay brown eggs and make good pets for children.

They’re also good at keeping snakes away from your garden!

The most common guinea fowl breeds are the White Crested Guineas and the Pearl Guineas. They’re both white with black spots on their bodies, but they have different coloration on their heads. The Pearl Guineas have red heads, while the White Crested Guineas have blue ones.

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