Large White Dog Breeds With Long Hair

The Large White is a medium-sized breed of dog. It is a member of the Hounds group and is most commonly used for hunting deer and boar. The breed was created by crossing the Bloodhound with the now extinct Old Southern Hound. The breed name is derived from its color, which is white, with or without patches of red or brown. Large Whites are often mistaken for albinos because their eyes are a very light blue (almost grey) color.

In general, this breed is not recommended for first time owners or for families with small children who may be at risk of being bitten if they approach strange animals too closely. They can be aggressive towards other dogs and sometimes people. They do not do well in apartments or small homes where they will not get enough exercise and mental stimulation.

Large White Dog Breeds With Long Hair

These dogs are also known as English Foxhounds, working hounds and large white hounds.

Large White Dog Breeds With Long Hair

Large white dog breeds with long hair are not always easy to care for and groom. They are beautiful dogs that require a lot of attention to stay healthy and clean. The following list is some of the best large white dog breeds with long hair that you might want to consider if you’re looking for an easy-to-groom large breed dog:

1) Great Pyrenees

2) Bernese Mountain Dog

3) Newfoundland

4) Bouvier des Flandres

Large white dog breeds with long hair include the American Eskimo, Bearded Collie and Bernese Mountain Dog. The American Eskimo is a medium-sized working dog that has a thick coat of fur. The Bearded Collie has a soft, fluffy coat that grows longer than most other large breeds. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a thick double coat that sheds little.

The American Eskimo dog breed is one of the most popular large white dogs with long hair because it is intelligent, affectionate and playful. This dog makes a good family pet because it is easy to train and gets along well with children and other animals. The American Eskimo is also known for its versatility as an agility competitor or show dog.

The Bearded Collie is another popular large white dog breed with long hair because it has such a sweet personality. This breed can be challenging for first-time owners because it needs plenty of exercise but also loves to cuddle up next to them on the couch after an afternoon walk or hike through the woods. The Bearded Collie does not shed much so it works well if you have allergies or asthma issues that are triggered by pet dander from other dogs.

The Bernese Mountain Dog breed was developed in Switzerland

If you’re looking for a large white dog breed with long hair, you’ll find many options. Many of these breeds are similar in size, including the Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernard.

If you want a large white dog that’s not just large but also longhaired, then look no further than the Newfoundland. The Newfoundland is also one of the best dogs for families with children.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees may be best known for its use as a livestock guardian dog in Europe, but it’s also an excellent family pet. This breed is known for its gentle demeanor and affectionate personality. It’s also loyal and protective of its family members.


The Newfoundland is a large breed that originated in Newfoundland, Canada — hence its name! It was originally bred to help fishermen by pulling nets out of the water and carrying heavy equipment between boats and shoreline. These days this breed makes an excellent family pet because it loves children so much! It’s extremely active and needs lots of exercise every day if you want to keep it happy indoors. This breed should never be confined to an apartment or small yard because it requires lots of room to run around in outside

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, sturdy dog with long white and black fur. The coat forms a beard and eyebrows, but it is not so profuse as to hide the features. The coat is longer on the underside of the body, from the chest to the hindquarters, where it forms a skirt over the tail.

The Bernese Mountain Dog has a strong temperament and loves to work; it excels at carting heavy loads and pulling carts. It also enjoys agility competition, herding, flyball and obedience.

The breed was developed in Switzerland as a draft dog for farmers who needed help with hauling wood or driving dairy cattle to pasture.

The Berner is an intelligent, affectionate breed that thrives on human companionship and thrives when it gets sufficient exercise every day. The Berner needs frequent brushing because its coat sheds heavily year-round except in summer months when shedding slows down considerably.

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