Natural Antihistamine For Dogs

Despite their potential for dangerous side-effect, antihistamine drugs are used to treat a number of illnesses and conditions. Antihistamines can be found in several different forms such as tablets, creams and nasal sprays . They can be very effective at treating the symptoms of allergies although they are not specifically designed to get rid of the underlying cause.

Antihistamines work by neutralising histamine which is released from the body during an allergic reaction. This then helps to reduce any bothersome symptoms that can be caused by an allergy such as sneezing, watery eyes and itching.

Natural Antihistamine For Dogs

The rise in popularity in antihistamine has lead to numerous products on the market that are aimed at tackling your allergies. These products are created from botanicals that have been shown to work well in people who suffer from histamine related issues.

Allergic reactions occur when your body’s immune system mistakenly identifies a substance as harmful. Allergic reactions happen when you inhale or ingest some kinds of pollen, molds, pet dander, dust mites and insect stings or bites. Some medications (such as aspirin) and some fruits and vegetables (such as bananas, oranges and tomatoes) also can trigger allergic reactions.

List Of Natural Antihistamine For Dogs

Velflix Allergy Immune Anti Itch & Hot Spots - Made in USA Natural Pet Supplement for Cat & Dog Allergy Relief with Turmeric & Milk Thistle -Seasonal Allergies Digestive Treatment for Dogs & Cats
Price : $29.89
Features :

  • Boost the Immune System – Veltflix Allergy Immune Drops is a professional pet treatment to support immune, histamine, and digestive health for dogs & cats with skin, seasonal, and environmental allergy issues.
  • Natural & Premium – Vetflix Allergy drops feature vitamin C & natural herbal fusion of potent extracts. Raw Elderberry, Echinacea, Turmeric Curcumin, Milk Thistle, and Pumpkin Seed bring potent nutrition to your pet’s diet.
  • Regular benefits – Powerful naturals may help with Hot Spots & Anti Itch treatment. Herbal extracts support digestion and pet liver health, cleanse and detox. A well-rounded pet diet brings longevity through a well-fed immune system & energy balance.
  • Vet Formulated + Made in the USA – Allergy + Immune for dogs & cats is a veterinarian-formulated supplement for use in pets of all ages. Vetflix manufactures pet supplements in the United States only to ensure premium & consistent quality.
  • Vital Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals are generally good support for every pet. Proactively invest in your pet’s health with sensible healthcare solutions – you will make your furry friend healthy and save on vet bills.

Additional Info :

Dog Allergy Relief Supplement by InClover, BioResiliant Treat Powder Supplement for Dogs with Seasonal Allergies, Natural Dog Allergy Support with Tumeric, Mangosteen Helps Maintain Histamine Levels
Price : $22.99 ($22.99 / Count)
Features :

  • SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED – BioResiliant is scientifically formulated specifically to address seasonal and environmental allergies when challenged with seasonal or environmental allergies
  • CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE – BioResiliant can be shaken or spooned onto your canine’s meal. BioResiliant’s tasty powder is easily absorbed into the system for fast results.
  • INGREDIENTS YOU CAN TRUST – BioResiliant contains only natural, whole-food ingredients, all with a specific scientific purpose in the formula. Bromelain and quercetin work together to block histamines, along with powerful mangosteen. Turkey tail mushroom boosts a pet’s immune response while organic inulin and curcumin support a balanced immune system. Whole food coconut, sweet potato and anise are excellent sources of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals to help soothe and comfort skin.
  • CLEAN FORMULA – BioResiliant does not contain grains, wheat, corn, or soy and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This is especially important for canines with allergies.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if for any reason you or your dog is dissatisfied, please contact the vendor for a full refund.

Additional Info :

BiologicVET - BioSKIN&Coat Natural Antihistamine Supplement for Dogs & Cats, Supports Skin Health and Helps Maintain Normal Histamine Levels, 106-day Supply for 60-lb. Animal, 3.5-lb. Powder
Price : $59.99
Features :

  • ITS EASIER TO LOVE YOUR PET: BiologicVET BioSKIN&COAT was formulated to address your pet’s skin & coat issues and give them a soft, vibrant, and healthy coat
  • ITS EASIER TO LOVE YOUR PET: BiologicVET BioSKIN&COAT was formulated to address your pet’s skin & coat issues and give them a soft, vibrant, and healthy coat
  • WHAT A PET WANTS: BioVET is a natural antihistamine that addresses the root cause of allergies. It can help with excessive scratching, chewing, hotspots, inflammation, and seasonal and nonseasonal allergies
  • WHAT A PET NEEDS: Designed specifically for the canine and feline metabolism and gastrointestinal tract to keep them healthy on the inside and out
  • NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) Quality Approved

Additional Info :

Color Greenish
Item Dimensions
Weight 3.5 Pounds
Release Date 2018-08-21T00:00:01Z
The Allergy Solution for Dogs: Natural and Conventional Therapies to Ease Discomfort and Enhance Your Dog
Price : $8.95
Features :

  • Used Book in Good Condition

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 8.5 Inches
Width 0.58 Inches
Length 5.44 Inches
Weight 0.59965735264 Pounds
Release Date 2000-07-06T00:00:01Z
Pro-Sense Itch and Allergy Solutions
Price : $5.13
Features :

  • ALLERGY RELIEF: Temporarily relieves allergy symptoms in dogs, including itching, runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes
  • ANTIHISTAMINE: Formulated with diphenhydramine HCI – for use only with dogs
  • FOR DOGS 15 POUNDS AND OVER: See label for dosing instructions
  • CHEWABLE TABLETS: Contains 100 chewable tablets per bottle
  • PRO-SENSE BRAND: Proactively invest in your pet’s health with sensible health care solutions

Additional Info :

Color No Value
Item Dimensions
Height 3.5 Inches
Width 1.88 Inches
Length 1.88 Inches

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