Are Chinchillas Good Pets For A 12 Year Old

Chinchillas are great pets for a 12 year old. They’re very social and friendly, they love to chew so they’ll keep your child busy, they’re quiet enough that they won’t wake up the whole house when they make a noise, and they live for up to 20 years! However, you should also be aware that chinchillas require a lot of attention and care.

Chinchillas are great at chewing because they need to gnaw on things in order to wear down their teeth. This means that if your child is going to get one, you’ll have to be prepared to provide them with plenty of chew toys! Chinchillas are also very playful animals—they love running around their cages and playing games with their owners. So if your child enjoys being active and doing things with their hands, then this might be a good pet choice for them.

Because chinchillas are nocturnal animals (they sleep during the day), it’s important that you make sure your child does not disturb them while they’re sleeping. It’s also important that you do not let anyone else handle your chinchilla when it’s awake—especially if your kid is younger than 10 years old!

Are Chinchillas Good Pets For A 12 Year Old

I think you should have a dog.

I think you should have a dog. I know cats are very popular, but dogs do so much more than just sit around and look cute. They’re friendly and fun to play with, especially when they’re younger. You can take them for walks and teach them tricks like fetching or jumping through hoops. And best of all, they can be good company on those rainy days when your parents won’t let you go outside to play (those will happen).

A good guide for choosing a dog is this article by The Huffington Post: “How To Choose Your First Dog.” It talks about important factors like size, age and personality type before giving suggestions for dogs that fit each type well-suited for children under twelve years old”.

I would rather have a cat.

If you are a 12-year-old who wants an exotic animal as a pet, I would rather have you get a cat. They’re easier to take care of and more independent, which means that they require less work than chinchillas. Also, they’re cheaper (and easier) to feed and house than chinchillas.

Finally, cats don’t need nearly as much attention as chinchillas; if your child is more interested in playing video games or reading books than taking care of their pet then this could be the right choice for them!

I would get a pet rock

You will need to be careful not to drop the pet rock. Pet rocks require lots of love and attention. Owning a pet rock is a long-term commitment, so be sure your child is ready for this responsibility before you make any decisions on getting one. To keep your pet rock happy and healthy, you will have to walk it every day; they cannot be kept in cages or aquariums because they are very sensitive creatures. They also need to be bathed regularly by hand (you can’t use soap or shampoo) and fed once a day with soft food like pellets or dry cereal.

Can you handle a pet?

Chinchillas are a great pet for older kids, but you have to be sure that your child is ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a chinchilla. Chins need three things: a cage, food and water; toys and other enrichment items; and daily attention. A lot of people get chins because they think they’re neat looking or cute animals to play with. But once they realize what it takes to care for them, they often give them up or trade them in at the local pet store.

Chinchillas need at least one hour of playtime outside their cage each day, which means you will have to help them out of their cage several times per day—and probably more if your chi doesn’t like being caged up all day long! They also need fresh hay every few days (about once every two weeks) as well as fresh water every day (or multiple times per day). You need plenty of time in your schedule to dedicate yourself completely towards taking care of your new friend! If this sounds like something that would fit into your family’s schedule then maybe getting a chinchilla would be right for you!

Go to the library and look at books about pets

The first step to deciding if chinchillas are the right pet for you is to learn as much as you can about them. The library might be a good place to start!

If you have a library card, check out books about pets or just search online for information about chinchillas. You could also try going on YouTube and watching videos of people who have chinchillas as pets; this could help give you an idea of what having one would be like in real life.

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