Are Gerbils Good Pets For 10 Year Olds

Are Gerbils Good Pets For 10 Year Olds

Gerbils are a great choice for a pet. They are playful, friendly, and adventurous. Gerbils can be trained to do tricks and they make excellent companions. You can also teach your gerbil to use the toilet.

It is important to remember that while gerbils are generally friendly, they still have sharp teeth and claws. Gerbils can bite if they feel frightened or threatened, so it is important to choose your gerbil carefully and take time to socialize him before bringing him home with you.

If you have decided that a gerbil would make a good pet for your child, there are some things to consider before making the purchase:

1) Do your homework! There are many different breeds of gerbils available today; each one has its own unique characteristics that may suit your child better than others (check out our article on choosing the right type of gerbil). You should also know what kind of care will be required before taking one home with you—this includes whether or not you need an aquarium set up already (which requires regular cleaning), special diet requirements (like pellets), etc…

Are Gerbils Good Pets For 10 Year Olds

They’re tiny.

They’re tiny. Gerbils are small rodents, but they aren’t so small that you need to worry about your child being able to handle them. They are the size of a hamster, which is just large enough for a 10-year-old to pick up and interact with as needed (within reason). If you want to get your child involved in taking care of their pet gerbil, then it’s important that the animal doesn’t require too much maintenance.

If your 10 year old has never owned an animal before and is curious about what it would feel like to have one as a companion, then this should be one of the first things on your list. By getting them something easy enough for them to manage on their own without adult supervision will help build confidence around caring for another living thing while also not causing more stress than necessary (which can happen when dealing with something like fish).

They are easy to take care of.

Gerbils are one of the easiest animals to care for. They don’t need to be walked, they don’t require expensive food, they’re naturally very clean and don’t require baths or grooming.

Gerbils are also easy to keep in a cage–they prefer living in pairs and will get lonely if left alone too long. If you don’t have room in your home for two cages side by side, it’s possible to keep more than one burrow in one cage by adding plastic tubes that allow the gerbils access from one hole into another.

They are entertaining.

A gerbil is a great pet for a 10-year-old because it’s entertaining. They are active, curious, and have a lot of energy. You can put in toys that they can play with and watch them for hours.

Gerbils like to explore their surroundings so you would need to give them plenty of space in the cage or aquarium they live in. They also need lots of space on the floor around the cage/aquarium where they can dig and burrow tunnels which is where they will build their nests.

They are not too smelly.

They are not too smelly.

Gerbils are small, which means that they don’t produce a lot of odor in the first place. They also tend to be quiet and docile, so they won’t be making noise all day long or running around your home like a crazy dog. Finally, gerbils have short hair that sheds very little, unlike cats with their luxurious coats and dogs with their fluffy undercoats. The only potential problem is that grit and dust from their bedding can make the air smell a little dusty sometimes—but it’s nothing you can’t get used to!

You can have more than one in the same cage.

Gerbils are social animals and need to be kept with other gerbils. This is because they get lonely if they don’t have anyone to play with, and they also do better in groups since there will be less fights between them.

You can have more than one in the same cage, but it depends on the size of your cage. If you have a small cage, then you should only put two or three gerbils in there together so that everyone has enough space to move around comfortably. However, if you have a larger cage, then it’s fine for up to six gerbils to live together!

They won’t run away if you let them out of the cage.

Gerbils make great pets for 10 year olds because they won’t run away. This is especially useful if you live in a house with many stairs or other obstacles that gerbils can get hurt on. Gerbils are also friendly and like to stay close to their cage, so your 10 year old will be able to enjoy watching them.

Gerbils aren’t good jumpers, climbers, or runners—their small legs don’t allow them these feats of athleticism. In fact, most gerbil owners say that their pet doesn’t even try to escape from its cage once it’s been trained how (and where) it’s allowed out!

Gerbils make good pets as they are small, easy to take care of, and don’t smell awful.

Gerbils make excellent pets for 10 year olds. Gerbils are small, easy to take care of, and don’t smell awful like some other animals do.

First off, gerbils are small—they fit in the palm of your hand! But despite their minuscule size, they can still be handled easily because they aren’t skittish or jumpy like a lot of other animals would be if you picked them up unexpectedly. They’re also not too fragile either; if something does happen where your gerbil gets hurt (and this does happen occasionally), it will heal quickly and completely on its own without any help from you or another human being at all!

Additionally, gerbils don’t need much space at all: they can live happily in an aquarium as small as ten gallons (including water). You won’t have to worry about cleaning out the cage every day either since gerbils defecate outside their cages regularly anyway—this means clean-up isn’t very difficult at all!

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