Best Dog For A Busy Person


If you’re a busy person, then you likely don’t have time to raise a dog. But if that’s not necessarily true, then read this article to find the best dog for a busy person like yourself!

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Great Dane: a dog that prefers to sleep

The Great Dane is a dog that loves to sleep. It’s not just any kind of sleep, but the kind of deep, coma-like slumber in which they are still considered living and breathing. Despite their large size and intimidating appearance, Great Danes are gentle giants who love nothing more than to laze around with their favorite human companion or canine pal.

In case you were wondering: yes, they eat a lot! And no, it isn’t fat jokes when your Dane takes up most of the couch while you’re trying to watch TV. But don’t worry—they’ll be happy to share some couch space with you as long as they have enough room for their giant head on your lap (and maybe even some belly rubs). They also enjoy playing with people and other dogs once in awhile if there’s enough energy left over from all that snoozing!

French Bulldog: a dog that can easily nap anywhere

French Bulldog: a dog that can easily nap anywhere

If you’re a busy person, the French Bulldog is an excellent choice for your first dog. First of all, they are small and very portable. They also have a big personality despite their small size—they love people and are very good with children. They’re great family dogs who will be happy to spend time with anyone who pets them, but their short attention span means that they don’t need constant interaction in order to be happy! Finally, since these dogs have such short fur and require little grooming or bathing (just brush them once every few weeks), even if your schedule gets busy you’ll find it easy to keep up with this breed’s needs without having too many demands placed on you by your pet’s daily routine.

Border Collie: a dog that is extremely active, but also sleeps whenever he wants to

In terms of activity, the Border Collie is one of the most active dogs on this list. They need to have a minimum of one hour outside in an appropriate area every day, and then at least another hour in an enclosed space like your house or backyard.

They also need tons of toys to play with, because they will get bored without something to do (I know from experience). If you don’t have time for this much exercise and playtime, then this is not going to be the best dog for you. However! This does mean that if you DO have time for all that activity, then it could be a great fit!

Chihuahua: a dog who should get more activity but often doesn’t

As a busy person who wants to spend as much time with their dog as possible, you might want a Chihuahua. They can be a lot of work to keep active, but they’re small, easy to carry around and very loyal. They don’t need as much space or attention as bigger dogs and are very affectionate. Chihuahuas love people, so if your other family members aren’t necessarily animal lovers, this might be the best dog for them too! These little guys love being out at night, exploring and meeting new friends. If you have children though it’s important that they know how to handle these small creatures safely (no one wants any accidents). With all that said, if you get along well with other animals then consider adopting one today!

Pug: a dog who will follow you around and do whatever you’re doing so you don’t make missteps.

A Pug is a dog who will follow you around and do whatever you’re doing so you don’t make missteps. They are energetic, affectionate and great for people who have a busy lifestyle, live in small apartments and are active. Pugs are also perfect for those who travel a lot because they don’t mind being alone while their owners are away.

Dalmatian: a dog who will chase anything, even your car if it moves fast enough

  • Dalmatians are active and energetic dogs that need plenty of exercise. They are loyal and friendly, so they make excellent pets for families with children, who will love the attention this dog gives them.
  • Dalmatians are easily trained because they retain information well and learn quickly; however, they can also be stubborn at times if they want something badly enough (like chasing a squirrel). This can sometimes lead to trouble in training your dog not to do things like run away or bark excessively at strangers on the street!
  • If you want a dog who will chase anything (including your car as it drives down the street), then consider adopting one of these breeds: Dalmatian!

English Bulldog: as long as you can convince him to get out of bed in the morning!

The English Bulldog is a great choice for a busy person as long as you can convince him to get out of bed in the morning! These little dogs are very active and energetic, and they need lots of exercise. They are also very good with children and other animals, which makes them wonderful family pets. However, if you’re going to leave your dog alone all day at home, this breed may not be the best fit for you.

English Bulldogs aren’t known for being guard dogs; their bark is more like a loud snort or growl than anything else. And though they have tons of personality and love people dearly, English Bulldogs can be stubborn at times—so keep that in mind when making your decision on whether or not an English Bulldog would be right for your household!

Poodle: there’s always time for a walk!

Poodles are a great choice for busy people. They’re eager to please and want to be with you, so they’ll adapt well to almost any environment you might have. Poodles can also be very easy to train, which makes them a good choice if you don’t have a lot of time or energy to commit to the training process.

In addition, poodles are great with kids. It’s not their fault that they shed hair—it’s just part of being a poodle! And even though your dog will shed sometimes, this doesn’t mean that your house will start looking like the surface of Mars anytime soon (unless maybe it already does).

Find yourself a pug, dalmatian or border collie.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get things done, but also wants a pet that is easy-going and low maintenance, then consider a pug. These dogs have been bred for centuries to be companions for busy people. They are active, but also sleep whenever they want to — which means you can take them out for walks during the day and let them spend their evenings sleeping at your feet.

If you want something with more energy than a pug, but still has an easy going nature, then consider adding a Dalmatian or Border Collie into your life. Both breeds are known as some of the best working dogs in history because they were so versatile: they could herd cattle on farms while also serving as police dogs in cities by tracking down criminals after crimes had been committed! While these two breeds might not be able to do everything their ancestors were capable of doing (such as helping around the farm), they still make excellent pets due to their willingness to learn tricks like fetching sticks or walking calmly through crowds like professionals!


If you’re busy and looking for a pet, these are just some of the dogs that may be perfect for you. There is one dog breed that will fit your lifestyle no matter what it is: the pug. The pug has been around since ancient times and has remained popular because he’s loyal to his owner, loves to play fetch with anything from tennis balls to water balloons, and can be trained to do tricks like sit or roll over at any time. You can take him on long walks every day or keep him inside most of the time as long as he gets enough exercise each week.

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