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Bringing a dog into your home is a big decision. It’s not just about how cute the animal is (although that’s definitely part of it). You have to consider how your living situation can accommodate a pet as well. For example, would you be better off with a small dog or a large one? Or is there even any difference at all? Well, my friends, if you live in an apartment or flat, the answer is: yes! Small dogs are the best choice when you’re living in close quarters with people who live above and below you. Here are just some reasons why:

A dog that is calm and quiet.

If you live in a flat and have neighbours, it’s important that your dog be calm and quiet. A noisy or high-energy pup will annoy your neighbours and affect the value of your property. Also, if you work long hours, a quiet dog is much easier to care for than one who needs constant attention.

In addition to being quiet and calm, dogs that are good for flats are also small so they won’t take up too much space! If you have children at home or small visitors coming over often, having an extra large dog isn’t ideal because they can get too excited around people who aren’t familiar with them yet.

A small, low-shedding dog.

For many people, including myself, the ideal dog is one who is small and low-shedding. It’s much easier to keep a small dog in check than it is a large one; many of them don’t require as much exercise or grooming, which means they won’t need to be walked as often or bathed as frequently. While larger dogs might require more food each day than smaller ones (this depends on their metabolism), you’ll still want to keep your flat pet’s diet balanced and healthy so that he doesn’t become overweight.

Finally—and this may be the most important factor for some people—smaller dogs are much more portable than larger ones! If you travel often or move around frequently between flats, then there’s really no better choice than a tiny pooch with minimal baggage requirements; there is literally no reason not to take him with you wherever you go!

A dog that doesn’t need much exercise.

  • If you live in a flat and don’t have a lot of space, a dog that doesn’t need much exercise may be the best choice for you.
  • Dog breeds like Bichon Frise, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or Maltese are good choices if you’re looking for something small but with lots of personality.
  • Medium-sized dogs such as Border Collie or Dachshunds also make good flats companions because they’re energetic enough for walks but not so large that they can’t coexist comfortably in tight spaces.

A dog with a short coat.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend cleaning up after your dog, it’s best to invest in a short-haired breed. Some breeds are known for having long coats and shedding excessively, while others tend to be more low-maintenance. If you’re particularly allergic or just want to avoid the hassle of brushing out clumps of fur every day, then consider getting yourself a low-shedding pup.

A good watchdog.

For your flat, you’re going to want a good watchdog. A good watchdog will bark when strangers approach, but also be friendly towards family and friends. It should not be aggressive or hyperactive, and it should not be too timid or lazy.

A small dog is probably a good choice for living in a flat.

  • Smaller dogs are easier to care for.
  • Smaller dogs are easier to travel with.
  • Smaller dogs are easier to train.
  • Smaller dogs are easier to groom.
  • Smaller dogs are easier to socialise because they will be more accepting of other animals and people than an aggressive breed would be, which means you’ll have a better chance at training your pup as well!
  • Most flats aren’t big enough for large or giant breeds, so it’s best not to get one if you’re living in such an apartment! You’ll need plenty of space outside too – don’t forget that walking them is important! Also remember that smaller ones will “mark” their territory too so make sure that there’s nothing nearby before letting them out into the garden or whatever else might be available when visiting friends etcetera…


Hopefully, you have some ideas of your own now. Remember that any dog can be a good companion with the right training, but it’s true that some breeds are better suited to apartment life than others. Don’t forget to do lots of research and find out as much as possible about any breed you’re interested in before you commit!

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