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You know those days when you just can’t seem to get motivated to do much of anything? We all have them, and it’s especially true on the weekend. It seems like a good day to just lie around, relax a little bit, and take care of things around the house. Of course, you don’t want to be tied down with a dog that needs lots of attention. So here is my suggestion for you – go with a lazy dog breed and sit back and enjoy the day!

Miniature Pinscher

Weight: 8-10 lbs
Grooming: Low
Why They’re Perfect: Although not quite as low energy as other dogs on this list, the Miniature Pinscher’s small size is perfect for apartments. After zipping around the living room a few times, this dog is ready to curl up in a corner and take their eight-hour nap. Relativity healthy and easy to groom, it’s no surprise why the Miniature Pinscher is so popular with apartment dwellers.

The leggy Miniature Pinscher is known to fans as the ‘King of Toys.’ This proud, fearless, fun-loving toy breed of lustrous coat and a compact, wedge-shaped physique is a true personality dog, known for a high-stepping ‘hackney’ gait. Min Pins are sturdy, compact dogs standing no more than 12.5 inches at the shoulder. The smooth, shiny coat comes in two shades of solid red, or chocolate-and-rust or black-and-rust. The dark, slightly oval eyes and high-set ears help bring out a self-possessed, ‘big dog’ personality. A distinguishing characteristic is the Min Pin’s high-stepping ‘hackney’ gait, reminiscent of a hackney horse at the trot.

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound

Weight: 8-18 lbs
Grooming: Low
Why They’re Perfect: Like the Min Pin, the Italian Greyhound is slightly more energetic than it’s peers. Italian greyhounds are compact as well, with the added benefit of being hypoallergenic, perfect for those with pet allergies. Known for being intelligent, sweet, and very affectionate, Italian Greyhounds are great companion dogs and will gladly spend hours curled up on a warm lap.

A true Greyhound in miniature, the elegant Italian Greyhound is an alert, playful, and highly affectionate toy companion. IGs make decorative couch dogs, but at heart they are flash-and-dash coursing hounds with an instinct for pursuit. IGs are Greyhounds in miniature’¿more slender, but a Greyhound’s equal in grace and elegance. Standing ideally 13 to 15 inches at the shoulder, they present the sleek, curving lines common to all coursing hounds. Distinguishing features are the long, fine-boned legs. IGs combine the attentiveness of lapdogs with the complexity of ancient, aristocratic hounds. Bred for centuries to be doting companions and jesters, these high-stepping charmers refuse to be ignored. ‘On the whole,’ writes an IG expert, ‘the breed would much rather be in your lap or bed than on the floor.’ They are, though, true sighthounds and will bolt after quick-moving prey at the drop of a cat. A short-coat, low-fat breed, IGs require extra care in cold weather


Weight: 13-20 lbs
Grooming: Low
Why They’re Perfect: Oh Pugs! Playful and always hilarious, the Pug doesn’t need much activity to have fun. Sensitive to extreme temperatures and prone to breathing problems, the Pug is happiest when frolicking around indoors. But beware — this breed is sometimes prone to overeating, as demonstrated in the picture above!

The pug is a breed of dog originally from China, with physically distinctive features of a wrinkly, short-muzzled face and curled tail. The breed has a fine, glossy coat that comes in a variety of colors, most often light brown (fawn) or black, and a compact, square body with well-developed muscles.

Pugs were brought from China to Europe in the sixteenth century and were popularized in Western Europe by the House of Orange of the Netherlands, and the House of Stuart.[2] In the United Kingdom, in the nineteenth century, Queen Victoria developed a passion for pugs which she passed on to other members of the Royal family.

Pugs are known for being sociable and gentle companion dogs.[3] The American Kennel Club describes the breed’s personality as “even-tempered and charming”.[4] Pugs remain popular into the twenty-first century, with some famous celebrity owners.

Chow Chow

Weight: 45-75 lbs
Grooming: High
Why They’re Perfect: This breed, best known for its unique blue/black tongue, originated in China ironically as a working dog. Now they can be found lounging on the sofa in the cool indoors rather than running around outside. Chow Chows can be independent and stubborn, which might come across as too cat-like for some dog owners. But if your apartment can handle there large size and endless shedding, they do make great couch cuddle buddies.

The distinctive-looking Chow Chow dog breed has a proud, independent spirit that some describe as catlike. They can be aloof — if you’re looking for a cuddle buddy, this probably isn’t the best breed for you — and downright suspicious of strangers. But for the right person, they can be a fiercely loyal companion.

Even though these are purebred dogs, you may find them in the care of shelters or rescue groups. Remember to adopt! Don’t shop if you want to bring a dog home.


A perfect dog for your lazy friend will be super well trained, but also very laid back when it comes to exercising. The larger the dog, the bigger the problem can get. Like size, you want the dog to be calm and laid back. A dog that is great around kids will sadly not care if the kid wants to play with him all day. So what is a good fit for a lazy person? A Bull Mastiff or a Great Dane. Large dogs that can go out and exercise while you sleep in. Both of these breeds are extremely laid back and good in families.

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