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For countless centuries the bond between man and dog has stood the test of time. Man’s best friend continues to thrive while other species are extirpated ad infinitum by mankind. The relationship between man and dog can have its ups and downs, but there is just no substitution for a canine companion. What better addition to any family than a new puppy? A puppy brings its own unique joys to the mix and helps fill a hole that many families feel even with current pets. A new puppy brings a gush of happiness to the atmosphere like none other.

Even with breeds that are ideal for families with children, many pet experts recommend waiting until your youngest child is five years old before bringing home a dog. By five, most children have decent impulse control and are better able to understand and follow the rules regarding the dog. For safety’s sake, an adult should always supervise all interactions between kids and dogs of any breed. 

To ensure a lifetime of happiness and love, take your time to choose the right dog and teach kids how to gently and respectfully interact with them. Below, we’ve rounded up the best small dogs for kids so you can find your family’s next perfect pet.

When it comes to choosing a breed for a family with children, consider their temperament, patience and trainability. It’s also important to teach your children to be respectful of the dog and their space.


The fun-loving Beagle is friendly and active. Getty Images Part of the American Kennel Club Hound Group, the Beagle was developed to hunt rabbits in packs. Beagles happily worked alongside large groups of dogs, horses and people. The Beagle is exceedingly friendly and handles the loud noise and chaos of family life in stride. Although small, the Beagle is sturdy and athletic, and loves playing with kids of all ages. Beagles are known to bark and howl, and some may become destructive or attempt to escape if left alone too much and not given enough exercise and mental stimulation. When out and about, always keep Beagles on a leash so they don’t follow their keen nose into trouble.  Breed OverviewGROUP: Hound GroupHEIGHT: 15 inches tall or less at the shoulder, with two height varieties for dogs under 13 inches and those 13 to 15 inchesWEIGHT: 20 to 25 poundsCOAT AND COLOR: Compact and solidly built; the short coat comes in all hound colors, including but not limited to tri-color (tan, black, and white), red and white, and lemon and whiteLIFE EXPECTANCY: 10 to 15 years

Bichon Frise

Getty Images The playful and fun loving Bichon Frise hails from France where the little dogs originally lived a life of luxury as pampered pets to nobility. After the French Revolution, Bichons fell into the hands of commoners, morphing into street dogs. Thanks to their intelligence, liveliness, and charm, the fluffy white dogs later became popular circus dogs, delighting crowds with impressive tricks. To this day, Bichons Frises love to play and want nothing more than to be with their beloved family. They are gentle and affectionate with people of all ages. Although small, Bichons are not dainty or fragile. As long as kids are taught to handle them gently and respectfully, they can be wonderful friends. The fluffy hypoallergenic coat requires professional grooming. Breed OverviewGROUP: Non-sportingHEIGHT: 9 to 12 inches tall at the shoulderWEIGHT: 7 to 12 poundsCOAT AND COLOR: Curly coat in white (may have traces of apricot, buff, or cream)LIFE EXPECTANCY: 14 to 15 years

Boston Terrier

Getty Images Friendly and animated, the Boston Terriers love all people, including kids. Created in Boston in the late 1800s, the breed had one purpose: to be a devoted companion. For this reason, Boston Terriers are wonderful family dogs that demand to be with their humans most of the time. The breed’s compact size means the Boston can live in an apartment happily, and it’s easy to provide enough exercise with daily walks. Lively, affectionate and always ready to play, the Boston Terrier is a fun companion for children. Bring your Boston along wherever you go, whether to the kids’ baseball games or for a stroll around the park.  Breed OverviewGROUP: Non-sportingHEIGHT: 15 to 17 inches tall at the shoulderWEIGHT: 15 to 25 poundsCOAT AND COLOR: Smooth, short coat. All Boston Terriers have a white muzzle and chest. The rest of their body will be either black, seal or brindle.LIFE EXPECTANCY: 12 to 14 years

Cairn Terrier

Getty Images Part of the AKC Terrier Group, the Cairn Terrier is perhaps best known for portraying Dorothy’s little dog Toto in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. The breed was born in the Scottish Highlands more than 200 years ago, where they hunted foxes, rats, and other vermin in the piles of rocks called cairns.  Not all terriers are good with kids, but the Cairn Terrier loves children and will even seek them out specifically. Despite their small size, Cairns are sturdy and tough and always up for fun and games. As with all dogs, kids should be taught to be gentle with Cairns, but this breed will typically forgive accidental bumps from children. Cairns have a high prey drive (the instinct to chase and hunt furry and feathery creatures), so they might not be able to be trusted with the family cat, and some can get scrappy with other dogs.  Breed OverviewGROUP: TerrierHEIGHT: 9 to 10 inches tall at the shoulderWEIGHT: 12 to 15 poundsCOAT AND COLOR: Double coated with a wiry outer. They come in a wide variety of colors (no white markings though). The most common shades are black, cream and grey, often with a brindle mix.LIFE EXPECTANCY: 12 to 15 years


As you can see, there are a number of things to consider when purchasing a dog for your little boy. Of course, the main thing is making sure that he’s mature enough to take on the responsibilities of owning a pet and the extra time required in caring for it. I hope that this list of considerations has made the task easier for you, and wish you and your son much joy and fun with your new dog!

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