Best Dog For A Single Guy Living Alone


There are many reasons people choose to live alone. Some are into solitude, while others have no choice in the matter. Whatever your reason you’ll have some time to yourself, which will not only be good for your mental health but perfect for getting much needed things done that you’ve been putting off or to just relax and sit back and enjoy a cold beverage. Having a dog nearby can make your time alone more bearable, but the decision of what type of pooch is best for a single dude living alone can be daunting. And though we’re talking about dogs here, there’s no reason you couldn’t substitute another companion animal if it suits you better.

English Bulldog

If you’re not much of a get-up-and-go type, the English Bulldog might be right up your alley. These dogs only have two speeds: very slow and asleep. They don’t need much exercise, so you won’t have to spend hours tossing a Frisbee around, and they’re happy curling up next to you to watch “Monday Night Football.”

However, they’ll still get you quite a bit of attention when you take them out in public. The bad news, though, is that you won’t be able to compete with them in terms of cuteness.

The exercise requirements of many breeds represent a hurdle that is often difficult to clear, especially for those who prefer patrolling the couch to playing outside.

But all is not lost for the activity-adverse; English bulldogs are one of those lazy dog breeds even less interested in running than you are!

But English bulldogs aren’t only beloved for their couch-potato ways, they are also adorable little buggers, with hearts of gold. They are susceptible to a variety of health ailments; so, they’ll never want to accompany you on a run, but they make up for both with their companionship and cartoonish ways.


Chihuahuas aren’t the stereotypical “male” dog — and that’s the point. If you’re a big, masculine man, carrying a Chihuahua around in your arms will highlight your more sensitive side. This contrast can be completely irresistible.

Of course, your little dog may try to attack anything that comes within 5 feet of you, but they’ll surely get attention for you.


These goofy dogs are known for bouncing all over the place, so they may just knock you into your next love connection. Even better, they’ll give you a constant stream of dimwitted antics to comment on, so the conversation will never dry up as long as they’re around.

Of course, they may not take too kindly to the fact that your potential mate will want snuggles with you too.

Few dogs boast the spunk and ready-to-rock attitude that boxers do. Handsome, friendly and playful, boxers are the not only manly (they have broad shoulders and blocky heads), but they are female-friendly too (they are pretty clean and tidy).

Boxers need a good bit of exercise, so they aren’t ideal for couch potatoes; but they’ll be happy to curl up on the couch with you after a long day of play. Additionally, their short, worry-free coats are a dream for an active single guy, who lacks the time to deal with such things.


These super-smart dogs are hypoallergenic, so they’re a great choice for guys whose sinuses react poorly to dog dander. They come in both standard and toy sizes, so regardless of how much space you have, there’s a Poodle that’s perfect for your situation.

Also, if you get to the point where you have someone coming over to your place on Saturday night, you won’t have to worry about vacuuming up a bunch of dog hair before they arrive.

German Shepherd

A German Shepherd can protect you from all manner of threats, and they’re also incredible lovebugs when they’re not working.

They’re easy to train as well, so you can always teach them to act adorable whenever you see someone cute walk by.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are another low-maintenance breed, so they’re better suited for finding love at coffee shops rather than dog parks. Their long, floppy ears are impossible to resist, and they can lure any stranger in with their deep, sad eyes.

Also, if you ever decide to pen a ballad for your new love, the Basset Hound will be sure to help you sing it.

Pit Bull

These dogs get a bad rap, but Pit Bulls are generally loving and clingy, so they’ll prove to outsiders that you’re fun to cuddle with. They’re also extremely outgoing, so they’re more than happy to demand love from complete strangers — which is exactly what you’re doing every time you go on Tinder.

Siberian Husky

These dogs are beautiful, there’s no doubt about that. However, Siberian Huskies are also extremely athletic, so they’ll give you a chance to show off if you want to throw a Frisbee around the park or go for a bike ride through the neighborhood.

They’re also notoriously shy dogs, so if you like to play hard-to-get, this breed will mimic your every.

Like boxers, huskies represent a great mixture of masculine and feminine qualities. On the one hand, huskies are tough, athletic dogs who were bred to drag heavy stuff across fields of ice and snow – it’s hard to get burlier than that. But on the other hand, huskies are gorgeous, regal-looking dogs, with piercing eyes and an almost luxurious coat.

Huskies are usually friendly, if a bit shy. But once they warm up to someone, they’ve made a new lifelong friend. The only challenges they present are their need for a good bit of exercise and their fur, which will slowly but surely cover everything you own.


So that’s it. There’s no one best dog for everyone, but there are some universal traits to look out for when picking your new pup. The most important being flexibility and being open to new experiences – is this dog a jogging and hiking companion? A snuggler in front of the tv after work? A enthusiastic cuddler through Netflix? We’re offering up a few of our favorite breeds for the single guy, but if you are serious about getting a dog we’d encourage you to explore behavior and personality before picking your breed. Or do what we did and go with the emerald doodle – will probably get along with anyone!

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