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If you are a single man, say goodbye to sleeping alone. The best dog for a single guy is going to be your new furry best friend. I will tell you how to find the perfect dog for a single guy and where to look. As the owner of three dogs and a cat, my family and I know just what it takes for someone who is living alone for the first time to get along well with a pet. For many people, pets can play their own roles in loneliness relief — whether through comforting someone who misses the companionship of another human being or filling an otherwise emotionally empty home with love.

What Makes a Good Dog for a Single Guy?

We’ll get to the breed-specific recommendations in a moment, but it is important to realize that single-guy-friendly dogs are best identified by their characteristics.

You want to look for a dog with as many of the following traits as possible:

Respectable Size. Although there are exceptions, and this is a broad overgeneralization, most guys prefer dogs on the big side. Your girlfriend may want a 4 lb yap-factory that she carries around in a matching dog purse carrier, but you’ll probably enjoy a big, rough-and-tumble dog that will wrestle on the floor with you much more.

A Low-Maintenance Coat. Let’s be real, between work, school, chasing girls and hanging out with the guys, you barely have enough time to brush your own hair. You certainly won’t find the time to keep a poodle’s coat looking its best, so pick a low-maintenance breed. And remember that for some breeds, grooming isn’t just an aesthetic consideration, it can also have implications for their health due to the skin irritation and fur mats that can result from poor grooming maintenance.

Minimal Shedding. All dogs shed their hair, but some breeds produce more than others. Unless you are the kind of dude that likes sweeping and vacuuming up an archeological layer of hair every few days, you may want to select a breed that sheds relatively little.

A Matching Personality. Just like when looking for a lady, you have to pick a dog with a personality compatible with your own. If you are a metro-type dude that doesn’t like a lot of mess or nonsense, a lab that likes to roll around in the dirt is probably not the best dog for you. On the flip side, guys with mud on their truck and grit under their nails are unlikely to mesh with a petite and proper little toy breed.

Energy Level. Guys who love all things outdoors will want an energetic, action-oriented breed who is happy to go on hikes and camping trips with you!

Maturity. Caring for a dog requires plenty of love, work and sacrifice, and puppies require even more dedication. In addition to house-breaking the puppy, you’ll need to teach him basic obedience commands to ensure he is ready to greet visitors. Most single guys will find this kind of work draining, so it often makes better sense to select a mature dog who has already been trained in the basics, rather than a puppy.

Wing-Man Suitability. Despite our suggestion earlier about avoiding puppies, the truth is that there is no better pick-up prop than a cute puppy. There is just something about puppies that attracts the attention of otherwise-out-of-your-league women.

The best wing-dogs are low key, drool-free, and adorable cuddle monsters. This rules out high-energy dogs like border collies and breeds notorious for drooling, like mastiffs. However really any semi-decent looking doggy is sure to garner you some attention from the opposite sex because – let’s just say it – dogs are the best!

Labrador Retriever

Labradors are the most popular dog breed in America, so obviously, they’re perfect for more than just single dudes. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better breed for bachelors, as these dogs are friendly, lovable, and intelligent.

They also require quite a bit of exercise, so they’ll get you off the couch. That will help you stay in better shape yourself, while also increasing your odds of meeting your next sweetheart at the park.

I’m a little biased, as I’ve been fond of labs and other hunting breeds my whole life, but they are just great dogs. There’s a reason they are consistently rated as one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Playful, loving and friendly, labs view strangers as friends they haven’t met yet. Friends that may even throw a ball for them. They’re smart and easy to train, although they often overwhelm visitors during the greeting period. Labs do need quite a bit of exercise, so they are great for joggers, hikers and other active types.

Great Dane

great dane

The biggest problem with Labradors is that they’re a little boring. You can’t say the same about Great Danes, as these giant pups will constantly keep you on your toes. They’re lower-maintenance than Labs, but they’ll garner you even more attention on the street.

Plus, what better way to meet someone than to have them get bowled over by your 100-pound miniature horse?

Great Danes are the quintessential gentle giant. These are loving, calm and thoughtful dogs, who need less exercise than you’d think. Their sheer size and handsome looks are sure to garner plenty of attention while you are cruising through the park, and they are usually polite, if not downright friendly, to most strangers they meet.

However, Great Danes do have one drawback: They produce copious amounts of drool. Unsurprisingly, many ladies find this incredibly off-putting. However, on balance, they still make great, low-key pets for single guys.

Golden Retriever

These dogs might be as boring as Labs, but for all the right reasons. They’re extremely outgoing, and they’ll also keep you going out extremely often — mostly to the park for games of fetch.

Most importantly, though, their soft fur and adorable face make it impossible for most people to resist petting them, setting you up for plenty of meet-and-greet opportunities wherever you go.

Golden Retrievers are often described as being great family dogs, but that doesn’t mean they need a big family. As long as you give them plenty of attention and love, golden retrievers are just as happy being in a family of only two.

Personality wise, golden retrievers are about as good as it gets. They just want to hang out, play and get some love from their person. But although they greet most humans with a wagging tail and curious nose, they still have a protective side, and are always alert for dangers like car horns, geese, squirrels, and mailmen.

Goldens and Golden mixes do have a long coat and their tendency to shed will wear out that old vacuum you bought at a garage sale, so be sure to step up your carpet cleaning game if you go with a golden retriever.


When all is said and done, the best dog for a single guy is a Lhasa Apso or a Jack Russell Terrier. Both of these breeds will give him the energy that he needs and he’ll get the companionship and affection that he wants. Of course, when it comes to getting a dog for the first time, not everyone should keep a dog. At any rate, make sure you plan to bring your new pet home from a reputable breeder. Whatever breed of dog you choose, it won’t be long until he’s lying in your lap and following you around every room in the house every day.

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