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According to the latest census, there are over 55 million single person households in America. Many of these people have chosen to adopt a dog as a pet. This has given rise to dogs being more commonly owned by working professionals who may not have enough time to take care of their pets. These single professionals may be organized and like to plan forward but they lack the social life of families and find it difficult to just go out and get a dog. Instead, they care for their pets by taking them on walks on a regular basis, as well as playing with them at home itself. While there are a lot of people who want to adopt one dog, they are not able to do so. Most people shirk from adopting a pair of dogs because there is misconception about formality with regard to homes for adoption for these pets. While many people believe that if you want to adopt such animals (a pair), you must have land or your own house. While this is true if you intend lend these animals outside or sell them, it is not applicable if you wish to keep them in your place only and give them the love that they need.

You’ve been a dog lover your entire life. Unfortunately, as a busy professional, you can’t imagine bringing home a four-legged friend anytime soon. Yet many working people make the mistake of getting dogs that are prone to separation anxiety.

Dogs are social, loving animals that enjoy being with their owners. But just because you may be out and about for much of the day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a pup. Here are 10 low-maintenance dog breeds for those who are constantly on the go.

Basset Hound

Let’s start with the most obvious one. Believe it or not, the Basset Hound was originally bred for hunting small game. Don’t let that fool you, though, as this dog loves nothing more than taking naps on the couch. Your Basset Hound will have no problem being home alone, especially as he gets older.


Greyhounds are often regarded as a large, athletic breed. That said, they are also content napping inside. Greyhound owners get the best of both worlds — their dogs can keep up with an active lifestyle (long walks, running, etc.) and they don’t mind being left inside for long periods of time.

French Bulldog

There’s a lot to like about this breed, including an easygoing demeanor. As with the aforementioned Basset Hound and Greyhound, the French Bulldog will use his time alone to relax and snooze. Plus, how can you not find those ears adorable?

Welsh Corgi

A medium-sized breed with short legs and a long body, Welsh Corgis are intelligent, affectionate, and loyal. Just make it a priority to walk your Corgi twice a day, as the breed is prone to obesity. Both Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis can adapt to country or city life.

Golden Retriever

If you have a family, we’re willing to bet that a Golden Retriever is at the top of your list. But is it really a smart choice given their energetic nature? In short, the answer is yes, as Goldens will be happy as long as they have a loving owner/family. There are few dog breeds more loving than the Golden Retriever.


Take one look at a Bullmastiff and you’ll know why the breed has been trained as guard dogs. Much like Golden Retrievers, Bullmastiffs look forward to quality time with their owners after a long day. They also have a fairly low energy level compared to other large dogs, so you shouldn’t have to worry about them while you’re at work.


Good luck saying no to this face! Busy families and 9-to-5ers will love coming home to this friendly and loving breed. Pugs are always looking for someone in the house to please yet require minimal exercise to stay healthy.

Boston Terrier

Looking for a smart, spunky pooch that won’t mind being alone for hours at a time? Then you may want to consider a Boston Terrier. The breed is friendly, easy to train, and should maintain a healthy weight with two short walks a day.


A hypoallergenic breed, Labradoodles are smart, sociable, enthusiastic, and loyal to their masters. According to Dog Reference, “Labradoodles have the energy of a Retriever and are equally devoted to their work as Poodles.” You won’t feel guilty about leaving them at home for a while, either.


We saved the longest living dog on the list for last. Chihuahuas enjoy their independence and make good watchdogs. Bustle suggests getting two Chihuahuas if you’re away for long stretches of time, as they’re less aggressive in pairs.


We want to acknowledge that in the real world, not all of us have the option to get a canine companion. That being said, if you are working hours that do permit a dog and other pet ownership, then we’d definitely encourage you to consider this option. Our extensive research has shown that single working professionals could greatly benefit from owning a dog. A dog will provide you with company as you move through your busy daily life, as well as offer you an emotional support system in times of need. Dogs are also one of the easiest pets to care for; their needs are straightforward, and their lifespan is long enough to keep them with you for the foreseeable future. This makes dogs a particularly good choice for those of us with hectic schedules who still want to reap the benefits of pet ownership. If having a dog comes with the potential of furthering your social network or offering your business a higher profile, all the better!

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