Best Dog For A Small Apartment


So, your landlord just informed you that your studio apartment is too big for bringing home a dog. You’ve been searching for the right dog breed for so long already, and it seems like destiny had to bring this obstacle in your way. After all, how will your favorite little doggy feel about having their own version of shoe box-sized quarters? Things are about to get worse for you and your adorable new furry companion (you love them so much). So much worse. I hope this article can at least help…a little bit.

Cramped quarters don’t mean you can’t own a pup. Sure, in order to adopt a large dog like a husky or a shepherd, you’d probably want a space that’s big enough for Fido to roam. But lucky for dog lovers everywhere, there are plenty of small dog breeds that would be more than happy in an apartment.

So what sets these apartment-friendly dogs apart from other pups? For one, most of them are small in size. In addition, many of them are laid back, low-shed, and known for being polite and quiet (something your neighbors will thank you for when they see you in the elevator or lobby, or hear you through the walls). The most important thing when choosing a dog is to select the breed that’s right for you and your lifestyle. According to the American Kennel Club, these cute breeds adapt the best to chic city living. And for more dogs that would be happy apartment dwellers, check out our roundup of small-sized breeds.

Bichon Frise

Hypoallergenic and and utterly charming, Bichons learn quickly and love just about everyone. Clocking in at around 15 pounds, this is a playful companion that doesn’t take up too much room on the couch either.

French Bulldog

a golden french bulldog sitting on the bed

This breed has recently skyrocketed in popularity with metropolitan millennials, but Frenchies were uber popular in Paris all the way back in the 18th century. A brisk walk each day will sufficiently keep them in shape, and they rarely bark (a big boon for the neighbors).


greyhound dog

You wouldn’t think the fastest dog around would adapt to three-roomed abodes, but these sprinters truly like to lounge most of the day. Take ’em to the dog park for a good exercise sesh, and you’ll have yourself a sleepy sweetheart while This Is Us is on.



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A little mischievous but totally loving, pugs make it easy on apartment dwellers with their homebody nature. Take care if you live anywhere with extreme temperatures, and keep the treats in check — pugs’ love of food and couch potato sensibilities make them prone to obesity.

cavalier king charles spaniel

Charlotte was onto something in Sex and the City by adopting a Cav. These toy dogs enjoy walks around the block — and then a place in your lap, of course. At 13 to 18 pounds, even a tiny studio can make room for one of these silky beauties.


Despite their muscled frames, bulldogs have developed quite a rep as lazy loungers. Brisk strolls should do the trick when it comes to exercise, and you’ll appreciate their friendly and loyal demeanor. Cities in hot climates don’t make the best home for their short faces.



Oh hey there, 10-pound fluffball. Just like their ancestors living in the Cuban capital, Havanese dogs excel in downtowns, perfectly content to clown around inside your pad. Here’s your new best friend if you want an outgoing pup with a built-in entertainment system. Let the silky fur grow long or clip it short for an easier grooming schedule.

Shih Tzu

Originally bred to live inside Chinese palaces, Shih Tzus will settle for your more modest digs quite happily. Parents, take note: These affectionate little guys are especially great with kids and other dogs.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is perfect for an apartment lifestyle. They are very intelligent and love to please their owners. This makes housetraining and obedience training simple. Because of their small size and short coat, they don’t make a lot of mess if you take them outside to go potty regularly. The Pembroke is ideal for apartment dwellers because it can get along well with other pets, especially other friendly dogs or other small animals. It is also fairly mellow and doesn’t require a ton of exercise.

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