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A lot of people are graduating college and entering the adult world. With that comes the search for a place to live, which is often an apartment or loft. Now that you’ve left home, you’ll need a pet to call your own. A dog is always a good choice because they have so much love to give. If you’re looking for the perfect dog to make your new home complete, but simply don’t have time to come here to read all this useful information, then here’s a quick list of the top 5 dogs for a young couple in their 20’s:

Labrador Retriever

Every dog has its own unique, individual personality that may or may not mirror the traits of its breed, Fobian said. In general, however, Labrador Retrievers are some of the most pleasant and easy to care for breeds, making them a popular choice for millions of families across the country. Their even disposition, trainability and easy upkeep makes them a good choice for young couples, Fobian said. They require consistent grooming and exercise but with proper care make healthy, happy companions.

Doing the necessary research in advance of selecting your perfect pup can also help you determine which breed will be the right fit for you.

Golden Retriever

An intelligent breed with an eager to please attitude, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), Golden Retrievers are also a great fit for active couples and young families. They can adapt to many different living situations and, according to Fobian, aren’t predisposed to many medical conditions. Their friendly temperaments may also be a good fit for a couple looking to have children.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The state dog of Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is another active breed with a strong, powerful build. With a distinctive double coat that’s dense and wooly underneath and short and wavy on top, the Chesapeake, or “Chessie,” is a happy, intelligent breed that loves the water, according to the AKC. They’ll do best with outdoor-loving families and, according to Fobian, are another easy breed to keep up with.


A loveable, energetic breed, Boxers can be stronger willed than Retrievers and show some aggression towards other dogs but are very loving towards people, Fobian said. They’re patient and spirited with children while also being protective, according to the AKC, making them a popular choice for families. Boxers have minimal grooming needs but require daily exercise.


A nice, clean breed, according to Fobian, Dachshunds make a good choice for couples in search of a smaller dog. They’re loveable, playful companions, according to the AKC, and make an ideal pet for many homes. Because of their size, they can easily adapt to many living environments and do well with children under adult supervision.

Boston Terrier

Another smaller breed, Boston Terriers have a great disposition and make good family animals, Fobian said. Because they’re brachycephalic, or have short-noses, Boston Terriers may have respiratory problems or be prone to overheating but it doesn’t diminish their suitability as an excellent companion and house pet. If you’re looking to add children to your family, teaching your dog basic obedience skills will help you to manage their behavior when children come to visit or a baby arrives, Wirant said.

“The expecting couple can begin to gradually expose [their dog] to sounds, sights and smells they may encounter when baby comes home several months before it arrives,” she said. “Think about the changes to your dog’s routine after the baby comes home and don’t forget to include them in some of the baby activities—they enjoy being a part of the family, too.”

Miniature Poodle

A loving breed, Miniature Poodles are easy to please and cooperative, Fobian said. Their small size can work in nearly any size home and their hypoallergenic coat may help reduce allergic reactions, according to the AKC. The Poodle also excels in obedience training, a must-do when raising any type of dog.

“Enroll [your dog] in a reward-based training classes to build a strong foundation of life skills and manners for a well-behaved dog,” Wirant said.

Training classes will also help socialize your dog to a variety of different people and other dogs, Fobian said, while teaching you what you need to do to care for your dog.

Yorkshire Terrier

Brave, determined and energetic, the AKC says Yorkshire Terriers offer “big personalities in a small package.” They’re easily adaptable to a variety of living situations, travel well and make suitable pets in many homes. They require minimal exercise but love human interaction. Yorkies can have both long and short coats, which require very different grooming needs.

“Long coated dogs need to be groomed frequently to prevent mats and tangles [while] short haired dogs require less grooming but can shed quite a bit.

Mixed Breed

Mixed breed dogs make exceptional family pets, Fobian said, but their looks don’t always reflect their behavior.

“A dog may seem like a low-key Labrador but can be as high-energy as a Greyhound,” he said. “Most shelters are more than willing to allow you to interact with a dog to make sure that it’s the right fit.”


If you are considering buying a dog for a young couple, the first thing to remember is that dogs make great companions. In most cases, their versatility, loyalty, and companionship make them a welcome addition to any home. The next thing to remember before going out to buy your new dog, is to take the time to look at all of your options. There are plenty of breeds available that would be a great fit for any young couple with children. You can visit for more dog breed suggestions if you need any further assistance.

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