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I don’t know if you are in the market for a dog or not, but I would like to tell you about some of the best dogs out there for a young family. Now keep in mind, just because these dogs seem perfect for your family doesn’t mean they are. You have to do a few things before deciding on which breed to go with. First and foremost, you have to look at living situation. You can’t go getting a dog that requires massive amounts of exercise when you live in an apartment and all of your running around is done inside the small place, and you can’t get a tiny dog if you need to go camping quite often or leave your home for long periods of time. The truth is though, there are plenty of breeds that match all of those criteria perfectly!

Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler)

These fiercely loyal and intelligent dogs are the ultimate farm dog. They short, compact, and strong, which is perfect for a rough job like agriculture. Heelers are smart, physically fit, tough as nails, and hyper-focused on their job. Whatever type of operation you run, this breed needs a job. If that is herding, protecting, chasing off vermin, or all of the above, they will do it with enthusiasm.

You can even read an ode to these animals from someone who’s family bred cattle dogs on a California ranch.

Border Collie

Another incredibly smart breed is the Border Collie. This breed is famous for its herding abilities, first and foremost. Border Collies are extremely energetic and active dogs, making physically demanding jobs perfect for them. Notoriously easy to train and teach incredible tricks, Border Collies are arguably the smartest of the breeds.


Corgis have taken on a role in popular culture of a cute, cuddly dog for families and queens. While they can fill this role very well, the Corgi was built for herding. It is stocky and able to navigate through hooves, fences, and gates alike. While they are typically good companions, Corgis want little more than to let their owner know exactly what is in their space. Could be a predator, could be a leaf. There is little difference in the bark.

Great Pyrenees

While this breed may have trouble fitting into the front seat of a truck, they probably don’t want to be there anyway. These dogs become bonded to the group of animals they are tasked with protecting. Their size and coat make living outdoors a breeze, even preferable, depending on the climate. The Great Pyrenees is a guardian. No predator is getting through them.

Jack Russell Terrier

Last, but certainly not least, is the Jack Russell Terrier. This breed is perfect for keeping rodents and other pests away from their immediate area. They were bred for hunting small furry things, and they will chase small furry things. Not the best dog to have on a rabbit farm, but perfect for riding from field to field and looking for a raccoon between the crop rows.

Anatolian Shepherd

Although this breed from Turkey is called a “shepherd,” they do not make great herding dogs. Pictured above, these dogs were traditionally used as a shepherd’s companion and as a protector from wild animals.

Intelligent and loyal pups in this breed are easy to train. In addition, this rugged breed does well living outside in many climate types.

They are independent, and once trained, they can make the right decisions without their master standing over them.

These pooches are territorial. While that is a good trait in protector dogs, care must be taken to teach them what truly is a threat.

Anatolian Shepherds will often expand their protected territory outside your boundaries.

Fencing is recommended.


With tons of energy, Dalmatians need a lot of exercise and diversion. This makes them great for working on a farm.

These fur babies are descended from the old dogs of war and still retain that bravery and courage.

You often see this breed in fire stations and police stations because they are intelligent and easy to train.

Not only do they make good protector dogs, but they also make great companions too.

Their endurance means they can keep up with whatever you have in mind.

Like other guarding breeds, these four-legged family members can become aggressive and destructive if bored or left alone too much.

Although tough dogs do well on the outside, you need to make sure they get plenty of human companionships.

The Great Pyrenees

Dogs are good. The Pyrenees are great – big. These white giants look cuddly and friendly but don’t let that fool you. They are very protective.

The breed was developed to guard livestock, and they can do that without much human intervention.

Unlike some other watchdogs, these fur-babies are gentle and mild-mannered. They make great family pets.

Being sensitive to human emotion, it is better to train these majestic animals with reward-based training rather than punishment-based training.

While they are intelligent, they are stubborn. Unfortunately, this stubborn streak makes them harder to train.

Canines of this breed need consistent obedience, pack leader, and socialization training.


More people are considering owning a dog but not everyone live in an area where you can freely walk a dog without the fear of that dog getting out of your property. This is the perfect choice when you want a dog with high energy levels and does not require so many frequent walks. The Boxer has incredible stamina, which makes him or her perfect for long hikes over rough terrains.

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