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In a society where busy professionals are on the go constantly, you will probably find people seeking a dog that is both family friendly and active. Dog breeds that are known as good active dogs generally enjoy activities such as going for walks and staying busy by playing fetch or other active games. The most active dog breeds also tend to be less destructive, another positive quality for those who are busy and need to keep their dogs quiet in the house. Using both expert opinions from dog experts as well as owner opinions from actual dog owners, I’ve been able to put together this list of the best dog for an active person.


Greyhounds are essentially the cheetahs of the dog world. Reaching speeds of up to 45 mph, they’re best known as racing and hunting dogs, but they’re also loved for their sweet and gentle nature, which is why they’re considered excellent family pets. It’s no secret that greyhounds require regular exercise, but a few brisk walks or an hour of playtime in the back yard is all they need to chill out. They’re nicknamed “40-mph-couch potatoes” for a reason.

Portrait of English Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

On top of being undeniably eye-catching, English springer spaniels are loved for their friendly nature. Bred as hunting dogs, these pups have high energy level, needing an hour or two of activity per day, making access to a spacious yard ideal. Otherwise, plenty of long walks, visits to the dog park, or off-leash running should do the trick. With a taste for adventure, English springer spaniels are also the perfect hiking, hunting, and running companions. So if you’re a nature lover, you’ve found your pick.

brown and white Siberian husky sitting on chair

Siberian Husky

Admired for their beautiful eyes and wolf-like features, Siberian huskies have endless amounts of energy and are great for active pet parents who live in cold weather climates. As with most working dog breeds, Siberians need at least an hour or two of exercise a day, which means playing a few games of fetch in the backyard is not going to cut it. Their unparalleled endurance and irrevocable love for running make them great hiking and running partners and from a mental standpoint, they seriously benefit from training classes and agility training. Other fun exercises to do with your husky include dog sledding, bikejoring (when cool weather permits), teaching them new tricks, and playing fetch or chase.

German Shepherd

German shepherds are confident, courageous, and loyal dogs with blistering intelligence. Originally bred as working dogs, Germans are ideal for active owners who love spending time outdoors, hitting the trails, and enjoy spending quality one-on-one time with their furry friends. Agility training competitions are also an excellent way to keep them occupied. Keep in mind that these dogs are innately hard-working, which is what allows them to be such excellent police, search, and guide dogs. So if you’d prefer to cozy up on the couch or have small children that take up much of your time, take those things into consideration when choosing this breed as your four-legged friend.

Dalmatian dog in front of blue sky

Though Dalmatians typically have black spots, they can also be liver, blue, brindle, “lemon” or black and tan. But whatever color your Dal is, his spotted pattern is always one-of-a-kind.


One of the most iconic dog breeds (in part, thanks to the classic Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians) Dalmatians make heads turn wherever they go. But aside from their beautiful spotted black-and-white coats, these dogs have tons of energy and need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Originally bred to run alongside carriages, Dalmatians love long off-leash walks in the woods and will gladly trot alongside you while you’re running or biking. They’re also talented athletes who benefit from agility training. Even then, Dalmatians are known for their high energy, which is why mental stimulation is key. Think basic training with positive reinforcement, interactive puzzle toys, and nose work games to find hidden treats.


Although it’s arguably true that most breeds of dogs are active, we do believe that the following types are particularly suited to an active person with a dog. The qualities that this person is likely to be looking for in a dog may include athleticism, size, and high energy. We hope you find our list helpful in identifying the perfect dog for you!

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