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Archimedes famously declared, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” Well, maybe not the whole world, but you can move things with the right tools! Why is this relevant? Because there are well-developed tools for dog lovers who have children with ADD and ADHD. These tools (dogs) will help eliminate hyperactivity as well as improve attention span in your ADHD child.

What kind of pet is best for kids with ADHD?

There’s no one type of pet that’s better or worse. It really depends on your child and your family. So start by talking together about the kinds of animals your child loves.

Ask your child to imagine what it’ll be like to spend time with a pet. Maybe your child thinks a parakeet would be fun — but doesn’t realize that you can’t really cuddle with birds. And would your child be happy about cleaning droppings out of the cage? Also, be sure to consider whether your child has the impulse control not to hurt a fragile animal like a bird by accident.

Equally important is how a pet will fit in with the rest of the family. A playful puppy can be a great match for a kid with ADHD. But it’s important to think about whether you have the time and financial resources to care for the animal. Adding a needy pet to an already stressed or overwhelmed family environment won’t help anyone.

Golden Retriever

No list of family-friendly dogs would be complete without the Golden Retriever. This traditional breed is a top choice for service dogs of any variety and families with special needs children, specifically for children with autism spectrum disorder. Their happy-go-lucky personality, combined with a constant need to please their owners, makes Golden Retrievers an excellent choice for families with an autistic child. Gentle, patient, loving, and loyal Golden’s have great personalities making them incredibly easy to train. This gentle breed has a calm temperament and decent intelligence, which is why they’re often trained as emotional support or therapy dogs. Simply put, if you’re looking for a forever friend who can have a significant impact on your child, look no further than the Golden Retriever.

Saint Bernard

Most may recognize this gentle giant from the 1992 Box-Office hit Beethoven, but for the purposes of this list, the Saint Bernard has made it to the top of our lineup for his disciplined demeanor. The Saint Bernard is exceedingly gentle despite its large size. Although this breed might have a bit of a stubborn nature, Saint Bernards are also patient, gentle, and sweet with small children, making them an excellent option for families with autistic children. These dogs are loyal and simple tasks are a breeze for them. Saint Bernards are well suited to work as therapy dogs, but due to their large size, it would be difficult for them to be service dogs full-time as they may unintentionally overpower a small child.


Bred as a cross between a Poodle and a Labrador, the Labradoodle is a popular choice for families of children with autism. Since most breeds on this list may shed excessively, Labradoodles or Goldendoodles are great options for those who don’t want a lot of excess hair around the house. While Labradoodles are not hypoallergenic, they are allergy-friendly, boosting their appeal to families who have respiratory sensitivities. This playful pooch comes in all sizes and colors, and they are rarely a 50-50 split of each breed, commonly resembling one more than the other. Either way, Labradoodles make great family dogs and are easy to train because of their high levels of intelligence. Thanks to these favorable characteristics, they are also a popular choice for therapy dogs. If you do go for this breed, be sure to account for brushing time and grooming costs.


Lassie, is that you!? This loyal breed is the quintessential family dog, and their innate intelligence, along with their eagerness to please make them easy to train as therapy dogs for autistic children. Mild-mannered, gentle, and good with kids, the Collie has been bred to be highly aware of human emotions, which is an important trait for parents considering a dog for a child on the spectrum. This elegant breed is naturally playful but will not wander off from their owners, making Collies the perfect match for newbie dog owners.

German Shepherd

If a protector is what you’re looking for, then a German Shepherd is the dog for your family. Highly regarded as one of the smartest canines, German Shepherds are usually the first choice when it comes to recruiting for military and private security. German Shepherds are generally very focused and do not get distracted easily. Because of this, they will listen to their owner intently and can handle complicated tasks. Although they are cautious with strangers, German Shepherds are gentle and loyal. They can easily keep up with a kid’s energetic nature or tone down as needed.


Actually, it is a very important aspect to consider while choosing a dog for your child. You can even conduct an online survey with friends or family and ask them about the variety of dog breeds that they own and how are they with kids because this will give you an idea about what kind of dog would be ideal for your child. You can also search on the internet for some websites that provide information related to the various dog breeds and their behavior patterns when they are around kids.

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