How much does a cat 299d weight

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The Cat 299D weighs in at a whopping 116,000 pounds. That’s more than four times the weight of an average car, and more than six times the weight of a typical human. It’s also nearly twice as heavy as any other vehicle on the road today. So, if you’re looking for something that’s going to get you from point A to point B in style and comfort with minimal effort, then this isn’t the vehicle for you.

The Cat 299D is a monster truck built for one purpose: to crush things under its massive tires and then climb over them like they were nothing but mere speed bumps on the road. That being said, it does have some really cool features! For instance:

The interior is made from high-quality leather (so it feels great against your skin). The seats also have built-in airbags (so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt when you’re driving). And finally, there are cup holders all around—even in between each seat so no one has to share their soda!

While these features may seem like nothing compared to those offered by other cars on the market today (like cup holders), they are important when considering how well this vehicle will perform under pressure during

How much does a cat 299d weight

Cat 299D Specs

The Cat 299D is a compact track loader, manufactured by Caterpillar, with a standard, sealed and pressurized cab. The Caterpillar 299D has an open utility bucket and can be ordered with either a grapple skid frame or optional high-flow hydraulics.

The model is available in two different configurations: the Cat 299D Track Skidder (with quick attach/detach) and Cat 299D Utility Bucket (with attachments).

Cat 299D XHP Specs

The Cat 299D XHP is a high-performance skid steer loader with a variety of different features that make it stand out from other models in its class.

The machine comes equipped with XHC engine technology, which provides increased horsepower and torque while reducing emissions, noise, and fuel consumption. It also has PowerShift transmission technology that lets you seamlessly switch between low-range gearing (for digging) and high-range gearing (for lifting). This ensures that you don’t get stuck on hills or in tough situations.

Power Train System

The Cat C4.4 ACERT engine is the heart and soul of the Caterpillar 299D’s power train system. The hydraulic system ensures that all components operate smoothly and efficiently. When combined with the axle system and frame structure, it allows for greater productivity in a variety of conditions.

Cat Comfort Series Seats are designed to provide operators with maximum comfort during long periods of operation, as well as safety features including antigravity seats for enhanced stability during heavy lifting operations.

Other systems on this machine include production measuring, which helps ensure each job is done accurately and efficiently; leveling technology, which uses sensors in each wheel to maintain level ground at all times; remote control panels for ease of use from afar; seat suspension systems; controls enabling operators to change between different modes depending on what they need to do (for example: shoveling or grading); heating/cooling functions so you stay comfortable while working hard!


The engine is a Cat C4.4 ACERT with a displacement of 269 in3. The engine has 4 cylinders and a bore of 4.13 in and stroke of 4.72 in, making it an inline-four cylinder engine with a total displacement of 269 cubic inches (4 liters). It is turbocharged, which means that exhaust gases are used to drive the turbine at the front of the engine which spins an air compressor at its rear end, forcing more air into the cylinders during combustion and causing greater power output.

Ground Engaging Tools

  • Buckets and cutting edges.
  • Tooth points, shanks and adapters.
  • Pins, retainers and other miscellaneous tools.

Hydraulics System

The system provides up to 4,000 psi and 37 gpm. The pump is a variable displacement piston pump with electronic control of flow rate. The pump also has load sensing that automatically adjusts for changes in the weight of the bucket.

Frame and Structure

Frame and Structure

The frame is made of high strength steel, and it supports the vehicle’s load. It provides a rigid framework that transfers the weight of the machine to its wheels. The frame also contains many other components such as hydraulic cylinders, steering linkage and steering gearbox. The cast steel front axle supports two steerable wheels which are used for steering at low speeds (4km/h). In contrast to this, the rear axle has four fixed wheels with tires fitted on them; they are used for driving purposes only after high speed travelling (24km/h). In case you’re wondering what’s up with an oscillating axle – it allows both front tyres to turn sideways while driving straight ahead!

A hydraulic cylinder is an enclosed hollow cylinder which pumps liquid using pressurized gas or steam as its power source. There are two types of hydraulic cylinders: one uses air pressure while another one uses steam pressure. These cylinders make use of fluid power to move heavy loads without having high torque required by electric motors or crankshafts connected directly into gearsets surrounding rotating shafts; instead they use mechanical advantage by way of many different combinations involving linkages like levers or gearsets connecting rotary motion from one axis into linear motion along another axis via some sort of pulley system (elevator-style lifts would require something similar).

Service Capacities

  • Fuel tank: 58 gallons
  • Engine oil: 10.9 quarts
  • Cooling system: 16.4 quarts
  • Hydraulic system: 38.4 gallons (cubic inches)
  • Final drives, each: 2.9 gallons (cubic inches)
  • Differential, each: 3.2 gallons (cubic inches).

A Cat 299D has a weight of approximately 23,889 lb.

The weight of a Cat 299D is dependent on the type of configuration and options. The model with an XHP option weighs more than the same model without an XHP option. The weight of a machine with a power train system is different from that of a non-power train system by approximately 100 lbs (or more).

A Cat 299D has a weight of approximately 23,889 lb., plus or minus 10%. Some factors that affect this number include fuel tank capacity, traction motor horsepower rating and counterweight design.

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