How much does a cat sitter cost per day

How much does a cat sitter cost per day


If you’re anything like me, you want to give your cat the best possible care. So, you’ve probably asked yourself the question: “how much should I pay my cat sitter on a daily basis?” Well, I’m here to help. In this post, I’ll be going through some of the different factors that can affect how much a cat sitter will cost per day.

The cost of a cat sitter varies greatly by location.

The cost of a cat sitter varies greatly by location. The cost of living in different areas, countries, cities and counties can have a dramatic effect on the price that you pay for your cat sitter services.

For example, if you live in an area where the cost of living is higher than average and there are many wealthy people who want to hire professional pet sitters then it’s likely that you will pay more for their services than someone who lives in a less affluent area where there is less demand for such services.

Your cat’s age and health.

Next, you’ll want to consider the age and health of your pet. Older cats will require more attention than younger ones, so you’ll pay a little extra for that. Health issues are also important here—if your cat is overweight or has diabetes, then they won’t be able to go outside as much as a healthy animal would be able to. The more frequent attention required from a sitter means that he or she may visit your home more frequently (for example, if you have an older cat who needs medication twice daily).

Experience of the cat sitter.

The experience of the cat sitter is also important because it means they are more likely to be able to handle any problems that may arise. For example, if you have a cat who does not go outside and then your cat sitter has to take care of him, this could cause problems if he needs his medication. This can happen when you trust someone new with your pet. Someone with experience understands their routine better and knows how best to take care of them

How many visits per day?

The number of visits per day will depend on your cat’s needs. If your cat is very active and likes to play, they may need 3-5 visits per day. If you have a cat who prefers to lounge around and take naps, they may only need 1-2 visits per day. The more time you can spend with your cat, the happier they’ll be!

As you’ll see in the pricing section below, there are additional costs associated with having more frequent visits from a sitter: for example, if you have them come twice as often as someone who schedules their sitter once every other day then that means double food bowls to fill and litter boxes to clean so keep that mind when comparing prices between companies!

Are there errands you’d like the sitter to run?

If you have a list of errands that need to be run, it will cost more. This is because there is more involved in making sure the sitter is trustworthy and responsible. You should also consider the fact that your cat may not be comfortable with a stranger taking them on their own adventure, so they might need additional care when they return home.

If you want the sitter to help out around the house with whatever needs doing—such as keeping up with laundry or cleaning dishes—it will cost less because these tasks are generally easier than running an errand outside of the home.

Cat sitting can cost between $15 – $20 a day.

The cost of a cat sitter will depend on the cat sitter, their location, and the number of visits per day.

The cost of a cat sitting is not fixed but rather will vary as there are many different factors that can affect it:

  • The cat sitter’s experience – A more experienced cat sitter may charge more money than one with little or no experience.
  • Location – Cat sits in rural areas generally cost less than those in urban areas because they tend to be closer to one another and therefore easier to find someone who will do your job at an affordable rate.
  • Number of visits per day – If you want your cats checked on multiple times throughout the day (for example every four hours), then this will drive up your costs considerably because more people need to be paid for their services; not only does each individual have his/her own hourly rate but he/she may also take breaks during which time you would have no one watching over them at all! On top of all this extra time spent away from work means extra money spent on transportation expenses too!


A great cat sitter is a fun and loving professional who can help you feel confident that your kitty will be well taken care of. There are also many other great benefits, such as not having to worry about travel plans, saving money on boarding fees or vet visits, and knowing your cats will be happy when you return home from vacation! So if you want all these benefits for an affordable price then contact us today at Pet Sitter Pro’s website or call (555) 555-5555.

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