How much does a dog walk cost

How much does a dog walk cost


Whether your schedule is demanding, you’re on vacation, or you simply need a break from the daily hustle, it can be difficult to find time to take your dog for a walk. That’s where dog walkers come in.

Dog walking services offer a flexible way to get your pet some exercise when you can’t make it home during the day for the usual stroll around the block. But depending on where you live and what kind of service you need, the costs can vary wildly — from $10 to over $100 per walk! So how much does it cost to hire someone else to take your dog out? Let’s look at factors that affect how much a professional dog walker charges.

The average cost of a dog walk is around $10 to $15.

The average cost of a dog walk is around $10 to $15, but the price can vary widely depending on the location and proximity of the walker. For example, someone who offers services in an urban area will likely charge more than someone who works out of their home and takes walks with your dog in your neighborhood. Similarly, if your dog needs special attention due to age or breed-specific problems (like arthritis) that require more frequent visits, you’ll pay more per session as well.

Factors that affect the cost of a dog walk.

The cost of a dog walk depends on several factors, including:

  • The location and proximity of your dog’s home to the dog walker’s home.
  • Whether you prefer solo walks or group walks for your pet. Group walks are cheaper because more than one person is walking dogs at once, but they also require more time in coordinating schedules with other owners and potential customers. Consider whether you would prefer to spend some money now and save time later, or vice versa.
  • Your dog’s age, breed, size and behavior level (calm vs energetic).

Location and proximity.

Location is an important variable to consider when deciding on a dog walker. If you’re located in an area where dog walking services are abundant, you may be able to find someone who lives close by with competitive rates and convenient hours. If you live in a more rural area or just don’t have many options for hiring a dog walker, be prepared for higher costs and longer distances between your home and the walker’s house.

Make sure that the distance from your home to the dog park is reasonable as well. If it’s going to be more than 20 minutes each way, then it might not make sense for your pup unless he/she gets plenty of exercise at home (and maybe even still).

Group walks or solo walks.

Group walks or solo walks.

There are two main types of dog walking: group walks and solo walks. Group walks are more expensive than solo walks, but they’re also more fun, social, convenient and flexible to the human client. They’re also generally more fun for your dog because they get to interact with other dogs in a safe environment with an experienced adult handler. There’s less of a chance that they’ll be injured by another animal or get lost if you hire someone who knows what they’re doing – something which can happen when you have an inexperienced person walk your pet alone!

Size, age and breed of your dog.

The size, age and breed of your dog will affect the price too. Smaller dogs have lower maintenance costs than larger dogs. If you have an older or senior dog who isn’t as active as they used to be, their walks will cost less than if you have a puppy who needs more attention and care during their walks.

If you have a high energy dog that needs regular exercise to keep them happy then it will cost more for them in terms of food and toys but also because the extra exercise means they need more walks!

Behavior and training level.

The cost of a dog walk will vary depending on the behavior level and training of your dog, as well as their health, temperament and the temperature.

  • Dog walker’s experience
  • Dog’s temperament
  • Dog’s training level
  • Weather conditions (e.g., hot, cold)

Playtime or exercise time.

A dog walker will usually offer a combination of the above, but for one reason or another, you might not be able to find an acceptable fit. Maybe your dog has specific needs that aren’t met by any of the local services. Or perhaps you want to save money and exercise your own pup yourself. In these cases, it’s easy to feel like walking your dog is a challenge that can’t be met without breaking the bank. However! We’re here today with a helpful guide on how much it costs to walk a dog so that even if you’ve got no prior experience handling large dogs in public parks (or even small ones), we’ll show you how much money this takes up—and why knowing these numbers can help out tremendously when planning what kind of life for your furry friend.


To conclude, the cost of a dog walk may vary depending on location and other factors. There are several ways to reduce the cost of a dog walk, such as walking your own dog or joining the Hiring a Walker program. If you find yourself in need of an affordable dog walker, be sure to check out our list of the best options in your area!

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