How much does a pet tiger cost

How much does a pet tiger cost


The allure of owning a tiger as a pet is understandable. They’re majestic and beautiful, unlike anything you could find in the wild in America. The appeal of having a tiger as a pet is also understandable from an economic perspective: there are no laws against owning tigers in 21 states. However, whether or not it’s legal to own a tiger as a pet, it really isn’t advisable because of the costs and legalities involved. So before you go out and find your white Bengal tiger cub for sale, make sure you know what you’re getting into!

What type of tiger can you own?

There are several types of tigers that you can own as a pet in the United States. The most common type is the Bengal tiger, which comes in various colors and patterns. Other types of tigers that are allowed for ownership include snow leopards and clouded leopards.

For those who want to own a rarer variety of big cat, there are lots of options available! A black panther costs $2,500 at minimum, while an Amur leopard will run you around $20k (at least). And if you’re feeling extra flush with cash, you can buy yourself a white lion cub for $50k or more!

The costs of owning a pet tiger.

You are not going to be able to just go buy a tiger. In fact, it is illegal in most countries to do so. If you live in North America and want a pet tiger, you will have to import one from abroad. This can add thousands of dollars onto the cost of having your very own tiger because they need special permits and paperwork before being allowed into the country.

Tigers are also expensive to feed because they eat between 18-20 pounds of meat per day! That’s over $1,500 worth of meat every single month! It is important that you feed them good quality food so that they don’t get sick from eating something cheaper like dog food or beef scraps from restaurants which could cause vomiting or diarrhea if eaten regularly due its high sodium content (which would require vet visits).

A lot goes into owning a pet tiger: space requirements; cage maintenance costs; veterinary bills; insurance premiums…and let’s not forget about the amount of time spent caring for your new friend too! You might think this sounds pretty reasonable considering how much fun they bring into our lives but when we see how much effort goes into caring for them we realize it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows out there either…

Are there any rescues for tigers?

The short answer is no, there are no tiger rescues. The long answer is also no, but it has a little more nuance:

First of all, there are rescue organizations that specialize in big cats like lions, tigers and cheetahs—but they’re not called tiger rescues because they don’t have any tigers. Some do have other exotic animals like leopards and cougars too though! If you’re looking for a place to adopt an exotic pet animal of your own then those might be the places to explore first. If you’re feeling more adventurous and want to make your way out into nature on your own accord (or just with friends), then we recommend doing so with caution as this could put yourself at risk from dangerous situations or even death if not planned well enough beforehand!

Do you have enough space for a pet tiger?

You’ll need a lot of space for a pet tiger, as well as the ability to provide it with plenty of room to run around and explore. A pet tiger will also want to climb and hunt, so you’ll need an open landscape that allows them to do this, too. This can be tricky in the city where lots of houses have small yards and apartments don’t offer much more than large windows on which they can look out at the world without getting outside themselves.

Keeping a tiger as a pet is expensive, dangerous and requires a lot of space.

There is a lot to consider when deciding whether or not you can afford to keep a tiger as a pet. You will need to be prepared for the cost of feeding it and caring for its needs, as well as providing ample space for it in your home or backyard.

There have been several instances where people have bought tigers from exotic animal dealers only to find out later that they cannot afford the costs associated with keeping them. These animals are dangerous and require constant care, which means having enough money on hand at all times in order to pay for their food and other expenses. If you’re considering buying a pet tiger, think again!


You might think that owning a tiger would be great, but you should honestly think twice about it. It’s not just the money, or the danger of keeping such a powerful animal around. It’s also how much space and time you need to give them so they don’t go crazy from boredom or lack of exercise. If you really want one as a pet, I recommend getting the kind that’s been bred in captivity rather than wild caught because they’ll take better care of themselves.

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