How much does a pig cost as a pet

How much does a pig cost as a pet


Want to know the real cost of getting a pet pig? Please read this article before getting a pig. So many people buy mini-pigs, teacup pigs, or baby pigs thinking they will stay small but they don’t. The pig you get may not grow as large as expected, but it won’t stay small forever. The size of your adult pig will depend on its breed and gender. But just because you have a 5-pound pig now doesn’t mean it will stay in that size category forever!

The cost of a pig varies based on breed, age and gender.

The price of a pig also depends on gender, age and breed. The majority of pigs are sold in groups of three or four, but some pet stores may offer individual pigs for sale. A male pig is usually slightly more expensive than a female pig with similar characteristics. The age of your pig will affect its cost as well — juvenile (under 6 months old) animals tend to be the most affordable option, while adults range from $60-$200 depending on their condition and health status. A higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting a better product; some breeds are simply more expensive than others due to their rarity or historical significance as working animals rather than pets (such as Gloucester Old Spot).

Pigs are typically sold by either pound or group size — this means that one individual animal would weigh between 20-50 pounds at maturity so be sure not to buy too small or large an animal!

If you’re looking for a show pig, then you’re going to pay upwards of $1,000.

If you’re looking for a show pig, then you’re going to pay upwards of $1,000. These are pigs that are bred for show and usually purebred. They’ll usually have a long coat and will be kept in good condition with regular grooming and bathing. Show pigs may not be as friendly as other breeds but they’re still great pets if you want something special or unique.

If you want a pet pig but don’t want to show it, then you can buy one for less than $500.

If you don’t mind showing your pig in competitions, then you can expect to pay more for one. Show pigs cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. If you want a specific breed of pig, such as a potbellied pig or Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig (or “Vietnamese Potbelly”), then expect to pay even more for one.

A pet pig can be bought for less than $500; however, this will depend on the age and gender of the animal that is being purchased. For example, male potbellies are more expensive than females because they’re bigger—they typically weigh between 200-300 pounds while females weigh around 150 pounds. Petting zoos often sell young female pigs at lower prices than older animals because they’re smaller and easily handled by children who visit these shows every day during summer months when school lets out early or on weekends during winter months when it rains all day long outside your window while making sure not too many people get hurt by falling off large waves crashing onto shorelines everywhere across America’s western coast; but remember: if someone falls overboard while swimming near those dangerous rocks along coastline – especially those ones close enough where anyone could easily see them – then please do not rescue them yourself!

Some pet pigs are sold as teacup pigs or mini-pigs but they often grow larger than expected.

Many people are interested in buying a teacup pig as a pet because of the animal’s small size. However, it is important to know that there is no such breed as “teacup pig” or “mini-pig.” Instead, these terms are used to describe any type of miniature potbellied pig which does not exceed 44 pounds when fully grown.

The size of your teacup pet may vary depending on its genetics and feeder. If you are looking for a specific weight range for your potbellied pig, be sure to ask the breeder if they can guarantee that their animals will stay within that range throughout their lifetime (they can’t).

In some cases, the breeder will charge by the pound if the pig hasn’t reached its full adult size.

In some cases, the breeder will charge by the pound if the pig hasn’t reached its full adult size. The price is based on the weight of the pig when it is full grown and can vary from $3 to $15 per pound.

There’s no set price on how much a pig costs; it varies based on many factors.

The cost of a pig depends on many factors. The breed, age and gender of the pig are all factors that can affect its price. Some pigs are raised for show purposes and others just as pets. Some people even raise their own from babies so they don’t have to buy one from a breeder. Depending on where you live and what kind of pig you want, there’s no set price for how much it will cost you; however, there are some basic guidelines that can help you determine what kind of budget would work best for your lifestyle:

  • Show pigs – These types of pigs generally sell between $50-$200 per pound depending on how well-known their line is and how many champions they’ve produced in the past year or two (or three). For example, if your family has been raising show pigs since before your great-grandparents were born then it might be possible to get something special at an affordable price! Otherwise expect prices ranging between $50-$200 per pound depending on where things stand right now in terms of popularity among breeders around town…


We hope that after reading this article, you have a better idea of how much a pig costs and what factors go into the price. Once you have everything in order to get your dream pet pig, then it’s time to find one!

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