How Much Does It Cost To Have A Pet Snake

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Pet Snake


Pet snakes are as cool as they are misunderstood. People who’ve kept a snake as a pet often find out just how wrong they were about these animals: far from being slimy, soulless predators, snakes can be affectionate, loving companions. But all pets come with some costs to consider before you take the plunge; while snakes are generally inexpensive pets to maintain—certainly less expensive than dogs or cats—there are a few key things to consider. Keep reading for an overview of the costs involved in owning a pet snake.

Purchase cost

You’ll need to purchase your snake. The cost of a snake, like the cost of any pet, depends on the species and age of your snake. A baby ball python can be purchased for around $20, but an adult female Burmese Python will be upwards of $500.

Cost also depends on whether you buy from a breeder or a pet store. If you’re looking for hybrid snakes (which are increasingly popular), expect to pay more than regular species like corn snakes and kingsnakes. In addition to purchasing costs, think about how much it will cost to feed them! And don’t forget about their habitat—which may range from simple plastic tubs to elaborate custom-built wood enclosures with climate control systems built in!

Habitat costs

Parrots, iguanas and other large-ish pets often cost hundreds of dollars just to get them into your home. But snake habitats are far less expensive. They’re made up of a simple plastic tub that has a cover and a water dish, so it’s easy on the wallet.

Some snakes can live in small cages, but others need something more spacious—a 20 gallon terrarium will run you about $100 or so on Amazon.

You’ll also need snake bedding (like peat moss) and substrate (such as sand), which costs about $20 for both items together if you buy them from Petco or another pet store with similar prices.

Annual vet visits

Annual vet visits are important to ensure the snake is healthy, so if you can afford it, they should be done every year. A yearly visit will cost $100-$200, depending on what needs to be done during the visit.

For example, if you’re getting your pet snake’s teeth checked or vaccinated at their annual vet visit then that’ll increase the price of their annual visit. These things can be expensive but they’re necessary for your pet snake’s health and safety!

Emergency care

If your snake gets sick or injured, you should take it to a veterinarian. The cost of emergency care can be extremely expensive. It is recommended that you find a good vet who can treat your pets for emergency situations.

Owning a snake can get expensive

Owning a snake can get expensive.

Snake owners should expect to spend money on their pet, even if they don’t plan on adding any accessories or toys for it. The cost of buying a snake will vary depending on what type of snake you buy and where you purchase it from, but in general, snakes are not cheap. In fact, many exotic animals like snakes cost more than the average dog or cat because they require specialized care and attention just like other exotic pets do.

In addition to the initial price tag associated with purchasing your pet snake, there are also several other recurring costs associated with owning one that may add up over time:


We hope you enjoyed learning about snake ownership and how much it costs. Once you have everything in place, it only takes a few minutes each day to care for your new pet. It is also great fun to see them slithering around the tank, bathing in their water dish or exploring their environment. They are very intelligent creatures and enjoy watching what is going on around them.

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