How Much Does It Cost To Re Shoe A Horse

How Much Does It Cost To Re Shoe A Horse


Owning a horse is like having a kid: you can prepare for the financial responsibility of that endeavor, but when the time comes, it’s still surprising how expensive it is. Horses have to be fed, housed, and insured. Then there are the regular vet visits, plus all the gear they need to travel and race. And then there’s shoeing. There are many factors that determine hoof health (diet, exercise habits) but most horses will need to have their hooves shod at least three times a year. The cost of horse-shoeing can range from $40–$300 depending on where you live and what type of shoes your horse needs (aluminum or steel). That doesn’t include any other services necessary to keep your horse healthy—just one aspect of looking after four leggy pets!

How often do horses need new shoes?

Horses need new shoes every 6-8 weeks, though it varies from horse to horse. Factors such as hoof wall thickness, how much they’re used, and the quality of their diet can all impact how fast they wear their shoes down. The most common reason for needing new shoes is when the hoof wall becomes too soft or thin due to overgrown heels or a poor diet. Your vet will be able to help you determine if your horse needs new shoes based on an examination of its feet

How much should you tip a farrier?

While 15-20% is the standard tip, some people tip more or less depending on how well they feel the farrier did their job. A good rule of thumb is to give more if:

  • The farrier did a great job and you are happy with the outcome of your horse’s new shoes.
  • The farrier worked hard to do a difficult job. For example, if they had to take off old shoes, put on new ones, trim hooves and apply medication all in one visit then you should consider tipping more than usual (at least 20%).

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Can I shoe my horse myself?

Shoeing a horse is one of the most rewarding skills to learn as a horse owner. It allows you to spend time with your animal, provide it with necessary care and support its health, all while developing a sense of pride over your own hard work. However, you should not try shoeing your horse if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you want to give shoeing a go, there are many tools and supplies that will help get started:

  • Hoof pick (or hoof knife)
  • Nippers or clippers
  • Rasp or rasp file (a rasp file is a flat piece of metal with sharp teeth)
  • Hammer/nail puller (this tool removes nails from horseshoes)

Horse-shoeing is very expensive.

The cost of shoeing a horse can vary widely, depending on the size and condition of the horse, along with the style and quality of the shoes. The cost of re-shoeing a large draft-type horse (such as an American Quarter Horse) can be anywhere from $50 – $100 per hoof. On the other hand, if you have a small pony or miniature breed that needs re-shoeing every six months, it could cost you as much as $200 per hoof!


I believe that this is a necessary cost, however. With good care, your horse’s shoes should last at least two years. The longer you keep the same set of shoes on your horse, the more his hooves will grow and become deformed. The proper care for a horse is essential to its overall health and happiness.

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