How Much Does It Cost To Start A Dog Daycare

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Dog Daycare


Starting a business is never easy, and the dog daycare industry is no exception. Even if you have a background in dog training or animal care, starting your own canine daycare requires significant upfront investment. Before you consider franchising or searching for investors, it’s wise to take stock of the resources you’ll need. In this article, we’ll break down the initial costs associated with launching a new dog daycare facility from scratch.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Dog Daycare

If you are considering starting a dog daycare business, the first thing to consider is how much it will cost. The answer is “it depends.” It really does depend on the size of your business and what kind of building you have for your location. Do you want to build from scratch or use an existing structure?

It also depends on how many dogs can be taken care of at one time and whether those dogs need fenced in runs outside to play or only inside kennels for sleeping at night.

If you decide that this is something that would be fun for your family and profitable for you, there are plenty of online resources available to help with planning before starting up the business itself. These include books from Amazon as well as others like Zillow Homes For Sale which has information about real estate prices around major cities where people might live near heaven-like places such as Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey (just 5 miles away!).

The Costs Of Starting A Dog Daycare

Of course, there are some downsides to starting a dog daycare. You’ll need to make sure that you own or rent a space that will be suitable for the business. You will also need to get insurance, which can be expensive. It’s important that you’re prepared to spend money on equipment and supplies as well as employee training costs and wages.

If you’re still interested in starting your own dog daycare business, it’s important to do research first so that you know what kind of fees and costs might come up during the process. There are several ways in which this can be done:

Is A Dog Daycare Profitable?

While this question is easily answered with a “yes,” it’s important to remember that a profitable dog daycare could also be seen as a loss-making business. In this scenario, you would have spent more on the business than what you make in profit. This doesn’t mean that running your own dog daycare isn’t worthwhile or worthwhile at all—the key is balance and finding the right niche for your business.

How to Start a Dog Daycare

A dog daycare is a great way to make money, but it’s also a lot of work. Here are some tips that will help you get started with your own business.

  • Study the market: If there are already several other businesses offering similar services in your area, you might want to consider opening up somewhere else instead. The competition will be fierce and it could be difficult for you to compete with them on price or quality of service. If there isn’t much competition where you live yet, then this might be just what the doctor ordered!
  • Recruit staff: Your employees need to have experience working with animals—especially dogs—and they should be able care for them as well as any other type of pet (elderly cats included). You’ll also want individuals who are reliable and punctual when it comes down it: if someone can’t show up on time because their car broke down or something else came up unexpectedly during the week then this could cause serious problems for everyone involved so hiring good help is essential!

Decide on a Location

Once you have decided on a location, the next step is to check in with your city’s zoning laws and see if they allow businesses of this kind to operate. You should also check with the county assessor to make sure that you are paying taxes at the correct rate.

Once those two steps are taken care of, it’s time to decide how many dogs will be allowed at any given time. In general, two or three dogs per adult caregiver is considered safe for daycare facilities. If this number seems low for your facility, consider hiring more staff or purchasing more equipment such as crates and grooming stations.

Decide On Your Hours

To determine the cost of starting a dog daycare, you’ll need to know how many hours of operation you plan on having. A full-time business can be more expensive than starting part-time, but it might also bring in more revenue if you’re able to fill all your slots with customers.

Once you’ve decided on your hours and have a rough idea about how much money you think it will take to get started, it’s time for the next step: researching local regulations.

Decide on Services and Fees

As you begin to explore the idea of starting a dog daycare, you’ll need to figure out the services that you will offer. This is where you can get creative and personalize your business. For example, do you want to offer full-day or half-day boarding options? Do some of your clients work during regular business hours, but might be looking for overnight care? What about special events such as birthday parties or other celebrations?

You also need to think about what type of training will be needed for your staff members. You should have at least one person who is certified in pet CPR and first aid (and perhaps more if there are multiple people working with animals). Other employees may only need basic knowledge and experience with dogs; however, it’s always best when all employees are familiar with basic dog care, since emergencies can happen at any time!

Secure Your Finances

You need to secure your finances before you can even think about starting a dog daycare. If you don’t have enough money saved up, it’s going to be hard to get a loan from the bank. And if you do get one, the interest rates are going to be high and make it hard for your business plan to succeed in the long run.

To help protect yourself from financial ruin, start saving whatever extra money you can now—even if it’s only $5 here and there. If nothing else, use this as an excuse for why you shouldn’t buy that new dress or pair of shoes every time someone asks what you want for Christmas or birthday presents!

Choose the Right Insurance Coverages for Your Dog Daycare Business

To run a successful dog daycare business, you need to be protected from potential claims. You also need to know what your insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out all of the ins and outs of buying business insurance, but we’re here to help! Before you begin shopping for insurance policies, create a list of must-have features that are relevant for your dog daycare business. For example: if you have employees or plan on having employees in the future (which is typically not recommended), then workers’ compensation coverage will be important for protecting them from injuries sustained at work.

If an employee gets injured by your dog(s) or during their time working at your facility, this coverage will pay out medical bills related to those injuries up front—it won’t wait until court proceedings are over before making payments like liability does (which could take months).

When shopping around for insurance companies who provide these types of plans, make sure they include some form of liability protection as well–even though most states don’t require companies offering pet care services without animals present (like boarding kennels) having liability coverage; many providers offer it anyway because it’s cheaper than paying someone else’s expenses later down the road when something goes wrong while they’re under contract with one another – such as having more clients sign up than expected so there isn’t enough room in between each shift change due date deadlines being missed which would give people extra time off work without notice ahead initially

Follow these steps to start your dog daycare business today.

  • Choose an area to start your business.
  • Choose the type of daycare you want to provide.
  • Set up your business in legal form and register it with the government.
  • Acquire insurance for your dog daycare business.
  • Hire staff for your dog daycare center and train them on how to behave around dogs in a professional manner.


This article has provided a breakdown of all the potential costs involved, from both an initial investment and a monthly recurring cost perspective. By making smart decisions on investment vs. lease, choosing the right location, and keeping in mind the various marketing costs, you can manage your startup costs to set yourself up for success as a dog daycare owner.

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