How Much Grass Does A Horse Eat Per Day

How Much Grass Does A Horse Eat Per Day


Horses are a symbol of beauty, power, and speed. Horses often represent strength and endurance, which is why horse races are so popular. A lot of people want to own horses for these reasons. But like with any pet, horse ownership comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to know how much grass your horse eats per day in order to properly care for your animal and make sure that he or she gets the nutrition needed in order for them to perform at their peak level without getting sick or injured from lack of food intake.

How much grass does a horse eat per day?

As you can see, it is important to know how much grass your horse consumes per day. By keeping a record of the amount of food your horse eats and comparing that to the number of pounds lost or gained, you will be able to adjust his diet accordingly.

You might find that some horses require more hay than others, depending on their age and breed type. For example, some young horses may eat more than others due to the fact that they have higher energy needs than adult animals do.

Some breeds are also known for having large appetites; therefore they require larger amounts of feed in order to maintain their body weight at an appropriate level (e.g., ponies).

Here are the common estimates for how much grass a horse eats per day.

If you’re looking for a definitive answer on how much grass your horse eats, don’t hold your breath. The amount of grass that a horse eats per day depends on many factors, including but not limited to:

  • How much your horse weighs
  • What type of grass it’s eating
  • The weather conditions (hot or cold)
  • The breed of the horse

900 pounds per month or 30 pounds of dry matter, on average.

It’s estimated that horses consume between 900 and 1,000 pounds of dry matter per month. Dry matter includes hay, grain and pasture grass. This figure is based on the average size of a horse (1,100 pounds) consuming 10% to 20% dry matter and taking into account their energy needs.

So how much grass does your horse eat each day? The answer depends on factors like their body weight, breed and temperament. Large draft horses with more muscle mass tend to eat more than smaller breeds or ponies. If you have multiple horses at home who share access to the same pasture area, it’s likely they will compete for food when grazing in groups — causing them to graze less efficiently over time as they vie for nutrients against one another instead of focusing solely on eating enough fresh greens from the soil below them at any given point in time during each grazing session.

Here’s how to easily figure out how much grass your horse needs per day.

There are a couple of ways to calculate how much grass your horse needs per day. The easiest way is by using the following equation:

(Body weight in kilograms) x (grass requirement in pounds) = number of pounds of grass needed in 1 day

For example, if your horse weighs 500 pounds, you’d multiply that by 5.5 (the daily recommended amount of grass for an adult horse). This gives you 2275 lbs., which equates to 912kg or about 2,000kg! To put this into perspective, there are 200 liters (or about 50 gallons) in one ton and there are 1000 liters in 1 cubic meter. So our little guy would need about 134 cubic meters—or 34 full-sized dump trucks—of lush green pasture each year!


This blog post has hopefully helped you understand how much grass a horse needs to eat in order to stay healthy and active. If you are thinking about getting a horse, it’s important that you know how much food they will need so that you can budget accordingly. The next time someone asks “how many pounds of hay does my horse eat per day?”, don’t just shrug and say “I dunno” – give them this helpful information instead!

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