How Much Hay Should A Horse Get A Day

How Much Hay Should A Horse Get A Day


Hay is a staple food for horses. Grass hay is good for your horse because it contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your horse needs to eat to remain healthy. How much hay should you feed your horse? That depends on the weight of the horse, their age, how active they are, and if they have any health issues. To determine how much hay to feed a horse per day, you need to take into account all of these factors and then create a feeding plan accordingly.

Horses and hay

Horses are herbivores, which means that they eat only plants. Hay, which is a dried grass product, is one of the most important parts of a horse’s diet because it provides fiber and nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin A. Hay also provides calories (energy) to the horse and helps keep your pet hydrated by absorbing water in its digestive system. Additionally, hay helps with digestion by acting as roughage in the animal’s stomach and small intestine.

What to do when your horse is a fussy eater

Now that you know what to do, here are some things not to do:

  • Don’t worry, it’s normal. Horses can be picky eaters! And some horses get so used to being selective that they will only eat certain kinds of hay or grain and absolutely nothing else.
  • Don’t force feed them if they don’t want it. If your horse won’t eat anything at all or seems like he’s going hungry, try giving him water before increasing his food intake — sometimes he just needs a little help getting hydrated first before eating again.
  • Don’t give them too much grain every day—just enough for good health and maintenance (and if possible, stick with a low-grain diet). Too much grain could cause problems like laminitis or colic in your horse over time. The same goes for too much salt; this can lead to dehydration as well as other side effects depending on your horse’s specific health needs and diet preferences.
  • Don’t give them too much hay either; hay has fiber which helps keep their digestive tract moving smoothly along its natural path from mouth through esophagus into stomach where nutrients are absorbed into bloodstream then circulated throughout body until finally reaching lungs where oxygen enters bloodstream via capillaries under thin walls surrounding each alveoli (tiny sacs where blood cells gather close together while still allowing air molecules to flow freely out).

Why is it important to feed hay and not just grain?

Hay is the most nutritious part of your horse’s diet. It’s a natural source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and energy for your horse. Hay is also very important because it provides water to the digestive system.

When you feed your horse only grain (which is what most people do) instead of hay, it can cause serious problems in their digestion. One reason for this is that grains don’t contain any fiber or water; these are both needed by horses’ bodies in order to digest their food properly.

How much hay should I feed my horse per day?

How much hay should I feed my horse per day?

It is important to know how much hay your horse needs because it will help you make sure that they are getting enough nutrients and calories. If you are wondering how much hay you should feed your horse per day, here’s what you need to know:

  • Hay provides a good balance of fiber and protein for horses’ diets and can be fed free-choice; however, it is generally recommended that horses receive 1% of their body weight in fresh grass daily. As such, if we assume that your average horse weighs about 500 pounds then he/she would need about 5 lb (2 kg) of grass per day. This can be provided as pasture or grass hays such as timothy or Bermuda grasses which also provide excellent fiber content for digestion purposes. While other types may also be suitable some may not have as many nutrients as others so check with a nutritionist before deciding which type best suits yours needs!

How much hay should I feed my horse per day? Take 2

How much hay should you feed your horses?

That depends on the size of your horse and how much work he does. A horse that’s working hard can need up to 1% of his body weight in hay each day. For example, a 1000lb horse would need 10lbs/day (1/10th of its body weight). That doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize that there are about 35 cups in one pound of dried forage hay!

For most horses, the best way to figure out how much hay to give them is by taking 2-3 days worth of feeding and dividing it by 4-5 meals per day. So if you were feeding 15lbs per day over three meals, then each meal would be 5lbs/meal (15 divided by 3).

What if my horse doesn’t want to eat their hay?

If your horse does not like to eat their hay, it is likely that the hay is too old or has gone stale. Stale hay can be identified by its odor and lack of color. If you suspect that your horse’s hay may be spoiled, remove it from the stall and replace it with fresh fodder immediately!

Horses are creatures of habit, though they also tend to become fussy eaters as they age. Some horses prefer to graze on pastureland, while others prefer having access to a feeder in their stalls so they can eat at any time they want—and just because one way works for one horse doesn’t mean it will work for another! Horses also enjoy eating in groups rather than individually; if possible try giving each horse an equal amount of space within their own pen (about 6 square feet) so they can mingle comfortably together but still have some room between them when needed.

A clean environment goes a long way toward encouraging good eating habits as well: keeping stalls clean and removing potentially harmful objects such as nails or metal pieces from around feeders helps keep horses happy while also reducing risk factors associated with improper caretaking techniques.”

Why is it important to soak hay before feeding it to my horse?

If you want to improve the quality of your horse’s hay, then it is important to soak it before feeding. Soaking hay helps to soften it, remove dust, and reduce the risk of choke and colic.

Use this formula to determine how much hay you should give your horse per day.

The amount of hay you should give your horse will depend on their weight, because the more they weigh, the more they need to eat. If you don’t know how much your horse weighs, you can estimate it:

  • A pony or small breed is usually less than 900 pounds.
  • A standard breed is around 1,000 pounds.
  • A large breed is around 1,300 pounds and up.


Finally, always remember that your horse is an individual, and you should trust and listen to them. Your horse may be on the skinny side but they can still tell you they’re fed enough! If you notice your horse strolling up to the hay rack with a bit of reluctance, ask yourself if they are perhaps telling you something. They might need some more time in the pasture before feeding or just don’t like hay as much as grass today. As long as your horse is eating enough (by weight) each day and getting exercise, their diet is probably fine.

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