How Much Money Does A Pet Sitter Make

How Much Money Does A Pet Sitter Make


I love animals, and I always have. In fact, if I were a kid today, my dream job would be a veterinarian. But since that’s not actually possible (sorry kids), the next best thing is being a pet sitter. Pet sitting has allowed me to get my furry fix while also making pretty decent money on the side. While there’s no magic number for how much pet sitters charge per hour, there are things you can do (and skills you can cultivate) to maximize your earnings. So whether you’re trying to make extra cash or looking for an actual career change, here are five ways to build your income as a pet sitter:

It really depends on the job.

The amount of money you make as a pet sitter really depends on the job. For example, if you are able to work in a busy area like Central Park in New York City, then you will likely make more money than if you were working in Northern Virginia. This is because there are more people who need your services and therefore higher demand for them.

It’s also important to understand that how much money you earn is not just based on what state or city you’re in but also on how many hours per week (or month) that person can work. If someone has four dogs and needs their daily walks at different times during the day, this means they might only need two hours of walking each day—so they’re not going to be paying as much per hour as someone with one dog who needs their walk every morning and evening!

The money you can make as a pet sitter is based on your location and demand.

The money you can make as a pet sitter is based on where you are and the demand for your services. You can charge more if you have special skills or experience, like being able to administer medicine to animals. You also get paid more if you put in extra time with a client (like walking their dog longer than usual).

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If you specialize in certain types of pets, you may get more jobs.

If you’re able to focus your business on a specific pet type, such as dogs or cats, you may be able to charge more and get more jobs. For example, if you have experience in training service dogs, then there could be an added benefit of charging extra because of your reputation with the clients. They trust that they will receive quality care for their dog when it needs it most.

Because you have more knowledge about animals than the average person does, there is also an opportunity for clients to pay for your advice or guidance about owning certain types of pets. You can offer tips on how to properly care for these animals so that their lifespan is longer than it would otherwise be without proper care from an expert like yourself!

In addition to specializing in certain types of animals like puppies or kittens; there are other areas that pet sitters specialize in such as birds (parrots) and reptiles (snakes), etc…

You can charge more if you have special skills.

If you have special skills and experience, it’s likely that clients will be willing to pay more. Some examples of the kinds of things that can make you more valuable to a client are:

  • Training and grooming skills
  • Experience with a specific breed or animal behavior issue
  • Certification from an educational institution, trade organization or professional association (such as Pet Sitters International)
  • Knowledge of specific medical conditions

The list above is by no means comprehensive—it’s just meant to give you some ideas about ways in which you might be able to add value for your clients.

You can decide how much time to put into pet sitting.

You can decide how much time to put into pet sitting. You can work for a few hours or a few days at a time. The more time spent with the pets, the more you will be able to charge.

It’s important that you know what your skills are and how much experience you have with pets before deciding how many hours per week (or per day) that you want to work.

If you love pets, it’s great to be able to make money doing something you enjoy!

If you love pets, it’s great to be able to make money doing something you enjoy!

Many people choose to get into the pet sitting business because they are passionate about animals and enjoy being around them. This can be a good thing for your business because the more time you spend with your clients’ pets the better chance there is that they will trust you with their most prized possessions. If someone doesn’t like animals or has never had any experience with them, it can be difficult for them to know if they would like having someone else take care of their dog while they’re on vacation. By showing off how much fun it is to spend time with dogs (or cats), you open up more opportunities for yourself as well as help others make an informed decision whether or not this job is right for them at all times


While there are other jobs that pay more, pet sitting is great way to make money if you enjoy animals. You can work as much or as little as you want and choose the type of pets you want to care for. There are many different ways to earn money doing this job and it’s up to you how much time and effort you put into it.

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