How Much To Ship A Cat

How Much To Ship A Cat


While we all wish we could bring our pets with us wherever we go, sometimes it’s not possible. In these cases, shipping your pet can be a good option. Of course, this isn’t something that you can do lightly: you’ll need to take into account the cost of doing so and make sure it’s worth it first. You’ll also have to keep in mind that your pet won’t enjoy being shipped across the country or world as much as they would if they were spending time with you!

How much does shipping a cat cost

The cost of shipping a cat depends on a few factors. The size of the carrier, the location at which you’ll be sending your pet (and where they are going), and how far away they are from their final destination all contribute to the overall price tag.

The average shipping cost per pound is $2.50 when shipping domestically through FedEx Smartpost® with other options available as well; however, this rate can change based on several factors including:

  • Size and type of carrier used for shipping cats – The larger the box or carrier used for transport, the more space it will take up during transit which means longer travel times which translates into higher costs overall since it takes longer for your cat to arrive at its destination point

How to ship a cat?

  • Check if your pet is allowed to travel on the flight
  • Check if your pet is healthy enough to travel
  • Check if your pet is microchipped
  • Check if your pet is up to date with vaccinations
  • Check if your pet is up to date with flea and tick treatments

How to ship a cat by air?

The best way to ship a cat by air is as cargo. In order for the cat to be shipped via air, it must be healthy and vaccinated, as well as less than 8 weeks old and less than 15lbs (6.8kg). If the cat is between 8 weeks old and 15lbs (6.8kg), they must have an International Health Certificate or they cannot travel internationally by plane.

If your cat is between 8 weeks old and 15lbs (6.8kg), you can obtain an International Health Certificate by taking them directly to an accredited veterinarian who will examine them and fill out paperwork describing their health status.

How to travel with a cat?

  • You must be prepared before traveling with a cat.
  • Make sure your cat has proper identification.
  • Get your cat trained to ride in a carrier, preferably one that’s been reinforced for strength and durability.
  • Your cat should be accustomed to riding in carriers on a regular basis, so it’s best if he or she has been trained since kittenhood.


Exporting a cat is a process that can be very time consuming and expensive. It also requires patience, understanding and a good deal of research. The first step in shipping your cat is picking up supplies from the hardware store so they can be ready when you pick up the cat carrier at Petco.

Once you have picked up all of your supplies, it’s time to get started on constructing your kitty’s new home! Make sure you have everything ready before bringing the cat inside because if he/she gets away from you during construction it could result in injury or death for both parties involved.

Once constructed, make sure to test out all systems before trying them out with an actual animal inside; otherwise ther

Shipping your pet can be a bit costly and complicated, but it can be done.

Shipping your pet can be a bit costly and complicated, but it can be done. You should know that there are many factors to consider when thinking about shipping your pet by air.

For example, you need to keep in mind that cats are generally not allowed on airplanes (with the exception of a few carriers). This means that if you want them to go with you, they will have to fly cargo instead. The cost of shipping a cat is usually between $450 and $1,500 depending on where it’s going and how much care it needs during transportation. It’s best not to make any last minute decisions for this type of travel unless absolutely necessary because there will be extra fees involved in making those changes later on down the line.

Also remember that some airlines don’t allow pets under 20lbs (9kg) so check with them before booking anything else – even if its just something small like food costs or an overnight stay at a hotel could add up quickly!


Shipping a cat is a complicated process. Not only will it cost you more than you think, but you’ll also have to make sure your cat is healthy enough to travel, and that they’re up-to-date with their vaccinations. After all this, you still might find that your cat isn’t even allowed on the plane or in the country/state you are trying to get them into. That said, there are ways around these issues! You might need to drive across the country or take your pet by boat (it could be an adventure!), but if shipping your pet by air is absolutely impossible… perhaps a dog would be easier?

e might be some serious consequences (i.e., death). Once everything checks out okay then its time to start packing!

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