How Much To Ship A Pet By Air

How Much To Ship A Pet By Air


When you’re flying with your pet, it’s important to be patient and friendly and not let things get too stressful. Read on for more information about pet-friendly traveling with each airline.

Air Canada

Air Canada’s pet shipping policy allows pets to fly in the cabin with you, or in the cargo hold.

The airline has a few conditions for animals traveling as cargo:

  • The animal must be able to stand up, sit down and lie down naturally during the flight.
  • The animal can’t be dirty or need bathing before it gets on the plane.
  • If your pet is small enough to fit in an airline-approved kennel (and not exceed its weight limit), you can use this instead of paying for an extra seat. But if it’s larger than 9 kg/19 lbs., that won’t work out without buying another ticket for it!

American Airlines

American Airlines offers pet shipping service as part of its cargo services. The cost of shipping a pet via American Airlines varies by destination, weight and size of your pet. You can find the current pet shipping rates here.

This service is available on all American Airlines flights that do not require a connecting flight. In addition to this fee, you are required to have your pet’s health certificate in hand before boarding the plane with them.

British Airways

When you’re shipping your pet, there are several different options available to you. You can ship your pet as cargo or as a checked bag. If you want to do this, British Airways will require that the animal is able to withstand long periods of time in a crate and can fit in their designated carry-on luggage container. You can also ship your pet as a carry on bag if it weighs less than 7kg and fits inside their approved carrier. There’s one final option for pets: shipping them as a kennel! This option doesn’t provide much space for the animal and some airlines may not allow them to travel in this way but it does give more protection than just having the cat ride along with all of your clothes and personal items in the cargo hold (if allowed).


  • Delta is a good airline to use.
  • There are many options to choose from when shipping your pet with Delta.
  • Delta has a good reputation for pet shipping and their record backs that up.

Frontier Airlines

  • Check the airline’s website for current prices. The price of shipping a pet by air can change every day, and Frontier Airlines commonly has different pricing options depending on how far in advance you book.
  • Check the airline’s website for restrictions. If you need to fly somewhere that doesn’t allow pets, you’ll have to get creative about your travel plans or consult a vet before booking an air charter (which we’ll cover later in this article). Some airlines also have height and weight limits on animals that are shipped by plane, so make sure you know what those are before booking with them.
  • Check the airline’s website for other information like hours of operation or ticket sales policies if they apply to your situation.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the few airlines that will ship pets to Hawaii, but there are some things you need to know before booking your pet.

  • Hawaiian Airlines will not accept pets that are in the cargo area of the plane. They must be in a crate no larger than 18 inches by 15 inches by 12 inches, which can be carried in either an approved kennel (see below) or carry-on bag with dimensions up to 20 x 14 x 10 inches (including wheels and handle).
  • Hawaiian Airlines also won’t accept pets that are placed in airline cabins for transport. In other words, if your pet does not fit within their guidelines for transport, then it cannot be shipped on Hawaiian Airlines flights.


JetBlue is a low-cost carrier that has a pet cargo program called JetPaws. This program is for pets traveling in the cabin and those who will be traveling in the cargo hold.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines will allow you to ship small pets in the cabin of the plane. However, there is a limit to both weight and size. You can only ship your pet within the US and it must fit in their under-seat carrier (which has a maximum height of 8 inches). As for weight, the airline specifies that pets should weigh less than 25 pounds–this includes the bag itself!

While Southwest does not have any restrictions on what kinds of animals you can bring onboard as long as they’re small enough, it’s important to note that some animals will require additional documents from an official veterinarian. For example, if your dog has been vaccinated for rabies but hasn’t yet had its final booster shot, then you’ll need proof of this before he can board with you. The same goes for cats–if yours hasn’t been spayed or neutered yet then make sure she has a certificate proving this fact by checking out our guide here: [Link].

United Airlines

The most common shipping method for pets is through United Airlines, which charges $125 to ship a pet as cargo. The carrier allows you to choose your own carrier, but it must meet certain specifications:

  • The carrier cannot exceed 80 pounds in weight or 36 inches in length.
  • It must be able to fit under the seat of the plane, so it should have a maximum height of 21 inches and width of 18 inches.

If you have any questions about shipping your pet with United Airlines, visit their website (

You can ship your dog or cat with many airlines.

You can ship your dog or cat with many airlines, including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines. Each company has its own set of rules for shipping pets (and fees). In general, the cost to ship a pet ranges from $250 to $350. You can also look into private carriers or local moving companies for help.


We hope this post was helpful for you. If you’re looking to ship a pet with one of these airlines, take your time and make sure you’re going over every step of the process carefully.

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