How Much To Stable A Horse Per Month

How Much To Stable A Horse Per Month


Have you been looking into boarding options for your horse? If so, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to keep your steed safe and happy. The answer isn’t an easy one, because the cost of boarding a horse can vary significantly depending on where you live, what kind of stabling options are available in that area, and the type of services those facilities offer. To give you some guidance about how much it might cost to stable your horse in different types of facilities—and how to find affordable boarders near you—we’ll first take a look at what factors into the equine boarding costs. Then we’ll get into where you can find cheap horse boarding near you.

What Is the Average Cost of Stabling Your Horse?

The average monthly cost of boarding a horse can vary greatly depending on location, services, and the type of facility you choose.

A first-rate farm with excellent facilities is likely to charge between $300-$800 per month. Most stables will offer accommodations for horses that include stall rentals, pasture access, hay rations (or grass), bedding and grain (and sometimes supplements). The more extensive the package offered by your stable—the higher price tag you’ll incur as well.

Some stables provide additional amenities such as grooming services or farrier care; these can be add-on costs that are not part of your regular stabling fee but will increase it significantly if included in your monthly bill.

What Do Equestrian Facilities Offer for Horses?

In addition to housing your horse and providing feed, stables can offer a variety of other services. For example, many facilities offer turn out where the horses are allowed to graze and exercise on grass or in pastures. Some stables even have trails that take you through beautiful scenery! Many facilities also offer training programs for riders and/or their horses. They may have trainers who are certified by one of several different organizations such as:

  • United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)
  • American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)
  • United Professional Horsemen’s Association (UPHA)

What Does the Cost to Stable a Horse Include?

What does the cost to stable a horse include?

The cost to stable a horse includes everything you need for your horse: stabling, grooming and feeding. The price also takes into account any training services you may need for your horse. In addition, it includes boarding costs if your stable offers that service.

Where Do You Find Affordable Horse Stabling Options and How Much Does It Cost to Stable a Horse at Each Stable Type?

If you’re looking for affordable horse stabling options, there are many places to look. But first, let’s get a sense for the costs involved in horse stabling on an average monthly basis.

One of the best places to find this information is online at They provide a simple pricing calculator that allows you to enter your zip code and current situation (e.g., if you have existing stalls or need to build new ones), then it will give a ballpark estimate of what your monthly expenses would be as well as any annual maintenance costs. Here’s what their calculator showed when I used my own zipcode:

  • $1,050-$1,375 per month – Stalls with run-in sheds (no barn)
  • $1,400-$1,750 per month – Smaller stalls with run-in sheds (no barn)

The Bottom Line on Cost to Stable a Horse, and Where You Can Find Cheap Horse Boarding Options Near You.

The bottom line on cost to stable a horse, and where you can find cheap horse boarding options near you.

When it comes to the cost of keeping a horse, there are several factors that determine what your monthly expenses will be:

  • The size and age of your horse
  • Where you live in the country (and state)
  • What type of facility you choose (pasture vs. stall)

The cost to stable a horse ranges from under $100 per month to more than $1,000, depending on location and facility services, but there are affordable options that can meet your budget.

The average cost to stable a horse ranges from under $100 per month to more than $1,000, depending on location and facility services, but there are affordable options that can meet your budget.

In the U.S., the average monthly fee for a small farm boarding facility with no feed is $880 according to Remuda Ranch Management’s 2018 survey of over 1,800 facilities across North America. This figure includes a $270 monthly average for pasture board and hay bales delivered at no extra cost; $400 for stall board with bedding and another hoof trimming included; and another $150 per month for grain delivery at no extra charge.


  • In Canada, it costs about C$500 per month or less on average (C$446 minimum) depending on whether you keep your own horses at home or if they’re boarded outside of town by someone else who takes care of them full-time while you’re away from home during the weekdays.*


So, how much do you pay to stable your horse? The answer depends on many factors, including your location, the facility’s amenities and the level of service it offers. Consider all these things when deciding what equestrian facility is right for you and your horse.

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