How Much To Tip A Pet Sitter

How Much To Tip A Pet Sitter


Pets are like kids, right? They have all the same needs—potty breaks, food and water, playtime. The only difference is that they can’t tell us what’s wrong when something does go wrong. Luckily for pet owners, there are people who dedicate their lives to pets and their care: pet sitters. Pet sitters stay in your home while you’re away to keep your beloved friend company and ensure that everything is okay. But how much should we tip them for this service?

Tip your pet sitter a day’s pay, or $15 to $25 per day.

Whether or not you decide to tip your pet sitter, it’s a good idea to make sure you understand the terms of their services. If they’re taking care of your dog, for example, do they come with him on walks or just feed him? If they’re watching two cats for you and one gets sick, does the other get free visits?

The amount you should tip depends on several factors: how many animals are being taken care of (more than one pet requires more work), if special services were performed (like walking dogs), and if anything unexpected happened while they were watching your pets (such as an illness). The standard range is $15-$25 per day. Tip between 1% and 3% of the total cost if someone was caring for multiple animals; if there was extra work involved (like taking dogs out in bad weather) consider tipping a higher percentage. For example: If someone charged $30 per day to walk your dog 3 days a week, this costs $90 per week ($30 x 3 = 90). Tipping $20 would mean giving them an additional 10% gratuity ($20 x 10 percent = 2).

If something goes wrong—your cat has fleas when he got back from sitting at your house—consider giving them something extra as well! It’s rare that something goes wrong but we recommend doing so anyway since things happen unexpectedly sometimes!

If your pet sitter takes care of many pets, tip 1% to 3% of the total bill.

If your pet sitter takes care of many pets, tip 1% to 3% of the total bill. For example, if you’re paying $50 per night for a dog walker to take care of two dogs and clean up after them, give him or her $10 per day.

Tipping is always based on what you feel is right for the service provided and how much work went into it (and this can differ from person-to-person). It’s a good idea to ask other people who use pet sitters how much they tip them; this way there’s more than just one opinion weighing in on what’s fair. And remember: A good pet sitter will do more than just feed your animals—he or she should also play with them and make sure they get plenty of exercise!

Consider a gift if the pet sitter has gone above and beyond.

If you’ve hired a pet sitter to stay at your home and care for your pet, consider giving them a gift. It’s a great way to show appreciation for the job well done.

A thoughtful and personal gift is always appreciated by anyone. Consider getting them something that matches their personality or interests, or something related to their profession as an animal caretaker. If you don’t know what kind of present would be right for them, try asking one of their friends or family members like another pet owner who has used their services in the past.

Pets are our family and we must take care of their needs as we would for ourselves or our kids.

Your pets are family. They’re like your kids, except you don’t have to pay for their food, grooming and vet bills. They love you unconditionally and will always be there for you when things are bad or when you need someone to talk to. You can count on them to tell it like it is, even if that means they’re not going to be able to hold back the truth (i.e., “This couch smells like pee!”).

They may not know how expensive things are at the vet’s office—or maybe they do because they’ve been there before—but we all know just how expensive these bills can be! That’s why we have a pet sitter come in while we’re gone so that our dogs get walked and fed regularly instead of having accidents inside or being left outside all day until returning home later in the evening when it’s too dark outside for anyone else but them…or us…to see what happened before we got home from work earlier than usual today due to traffic jams made worse by construction workers who couldn’t finish their job last week due after rains flooded everything out of commission including my car which was parked nearby so if anyone sees any kind of damage done please let me know immediately so I can file an insurance claim ASAP so I won’t have any more setbacks because this whole thing is really stressing me out right now…


As with any service, tipping is a great way to show appreciation. When you do use a pet sitter, it’s important that they receive some kind of gratuity in exchange for their hard work. The next time you leave your beloved animal in someone else’s hands, be sure to give them a tip as well!

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