How To Trace A Horse Brand

How To Trace A Horse Brand


If you live in the western United States, chances are you’ve seen a horse brand. They might look like the symbol for a ranch or business. But they can also serve as an artwork of sorts, especially if they’re on a leather product like a purse or belt. Of course, not all horse brands are designed to be traced. But if you find one that is simple enough to trace, then this is how you can do it:

Get Out Your Pencil

To begin tracing the brand, you’ll need to get out your pencil. Your best bet is a soft lead mechanical pencil, but you can also use a regular pencil or even a softer lead mechanical pencil. You should not use an actual pen because it will smear and smudge when you go over it with the ink later on.

Transfer the Shape to Paper

  • Take the paper and pencil, and find a quiet place to sit.
  • Take the time to trace the brand carefully. If you are tracing a brand that is not a letter, you will need to draw the outline of the shape on your piece of paper first. This can be done by drawing two straight lines (one vertical and one horizontal), then placing dots at equal distances along both lines so that there are six dots in total.[2] It is important for you to make sure these dots are all aligned with each other as well as with their corresponding points on your horse’s brand.[3] Lastly, connect all of these dots together using curved lines which form an overall ‘S’ shape or ‘R’ shape depending upon where they appear on your horse’s body (the former being used for cows; while latter being used for horses).[4]

Draw the Basic Outlines of the Brand

Before you can draw the horse brand, start by drawing its outline.

  • Make sure that your horse’s brand is facing the right way. You don’t want to have a left-facing horseshoe or an upside down diamond on your animal!
  • Use a ruler to make sure that your horse’s brand is straight on the paper. It should be perfectly symmetrical, with all sides being parallel to one another and having equal length lines in between them.

Now comes time for actual tracing of the image onto your paper, so let’s go over some tips for doing this well:

  • Make sure that you have enough space around the printed image so that you can copy it accurately without any problems (don’t forget about bleeds!), preferably at least 1″ margin all around it; if possible, use graph paper instead of regular lined paper since there are no lines next to each other which would complicate matters further – just remember not to use both kinds together at once!

Refine the Edges of the Lettering

Use the ruler to help you draw straight lines.

  • To draw a straight line, place the pencil tip on one end of the line and pull it over to the other end of the line. Then lift up your pencil and begin again with another stroke at that point until you have drawn an entire line.

If you need to make your lines thicker, use your finger or kneaded eraser to press down on them as they are drawn. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with how dark and bold your lines appear on paper..

Clean Up Any Excess Lines

Now that you’ve traced your horse brand, it’s time to clean up any excess lines. If you’re using a pencil, use a paper cutter or sharpener to trim away the extra lead. If you’re using ink or paint, grab an eraser and erase away! Finally, if you used chalk or crayon on white paper and want to turn your artwork into a framed piece of art, use an eraser wheel on the back of the paper before hanging it up on the wall.

Tracing brands can be a fun craft for kids or adults alike. It can also provide a sense of satisfaction for being able to interpret a common symbol or design, especially if you see one out in the real world.

Tracing brands can be a fun craft for kids or adults alike. It can also provide a sense of satisfaction for being able to interpret a common symbol or design, especially if you see one out in the real world.

The process of tracing a brand is simple: get your hands on some tracing paper and use pencils with different lead sizes to trace over the original design. For example, if you’re tracing an image from a magazine or book, place your piece of paper on top and use pencils with small and large leads so that the lines are clearly visible when blackened by your eraser.

  • Trace over the original design with varying thicknesses.*


We hope you’ve learned a lot about tracing horse brands from this article. It turns out, the process is quite simple and easy to understand. This can be done by anyone with a bit of basic art experience or even someone who simply enjoys doodling for fun. There are many different ways that each person will approach the task of drawing their own brand, but these steps should help give you some ideas on how to go about it!

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