How To Train A Cat On A Harness

How To Train A Cat On A Harness


People aren’t the only ones who can go to a pet store and buy a harness. In fact, there are some situations where cats might benefit from wearing one. For example, felines may need to wear harnesses if they need help walking or if they’re prone to running away when visitors come over. Just like you’d train a dog or child to wear one, your cat will also have an adjustment period; don’t worry though—you can make that process as easy as possible! Here’s how you can train a cat on a harness:

Why You Might Want To Train Your Cat To Wear A Harness

There are a couple of main reasons why you might want to train your cat to wear a harness. One is for safety, so that you can keep your cat safe and make sure she doesn’t wander into areas where she could get hurt or do something dangerous. The other reason is to help her get exercise, since cats don’t get much physical activity if they’re just lounging around all day. When it comes time for playtime, many kitties aren’t very interested in running around outside—but if they’re already used to wearing a harness, then taking them outside will be easier on both of you!

If you want your feline friend to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine (even though they might not admit it), here’s how:

Things You’ll Need

  • A harness
  • A leash
  • A cat
  • Patience, a treat and a cat food bowl (for the cat)
  • An empty room or small space to train in. If you have an extra room, it would be ideal as it will allow you more freedom of movement when training your pet. You’ll also need some time to yourself so that your cat doesn’t get distracted by other people outside of their routine activities like eating dinner with their family or watching TV shows before bedtime.
  • Cat carrier – if you plan on taking your kitty out somewhere while wearing her harness during this process, get one that she can go into easily without struggling too much against being confined inside it again. You don’t want her freaking out every time she needs to use this thing!

Introducing A Collar

Once you have introduced the harness and your cat is comfortable wearing it, you can begin introducing a collar. The collar should be made of a material that is comfortable for the cat to wear and should not be too tight or too loose. The first few days of wearing a collar, it may be helpful to keep your cat in one room while they get used to having something around their neck. After a few days, if everything goes well with your initial training session, try letting your cat roam around freely while wearing both the harness and the collar at once. They will likely get used to both pieces very quickly!

Introducing The Harness

The first step in training your cat to wear a harness is introducing it to your pet. You will have to make sure that the harness is attractive, comfortable, and easy for him or her to remove.

To begin training cats on the harness, you should start by slowly introducing them to the equipment. Don’t try to put the harness on your cat right away! Instead, allow them time to get used to seeing it around the house and smelling its scent before moving forward with any attempts at putting it on their body.

Putting The Harness On

  • Make sure the harness is fitted properly.
  • Make sure the harness is comfortable and safe for your cat.
  • Make sure there are no sharp edges that could cut, rip or irritate your cat’s skin in any way.
  • Make sure you can put it on and take off easily by yourself with one hand (or even better, by just clicking a button).
  • If possible, ensure that the harness is easy to clean so that you don’t have to worry about leaving dirt or stains on it if you need to remove it quickly when other pets come around (like dogs)

Cats can be trained to wear harnesses and leashes.

When it comes to your cat, you may not be able to train it in the same way that you train a dog. Some cats are easier than others. But if you can teach your cat to wear a harness and leash, then you have reached the level of “cat whisperer” and should be admired by all for your tremendous patience with our feline friends.

The best way to begin training your cat is by getting them used to wearing a harness on its own first. This will help make things easier when it comes time for putting the leash on! Place the harness on your cat and reward them with treats whenever they don’t try pulling away from the harness. It’s important not only because they won’t get distracted by something else while walking around but also because they’ll learn how comfortable walking around can be even if there aren’t any distractions around them at all times during each walk outside (which hopefully isn’t true).


This can be a great way to take your cat to the veterinarian or on special trips. You might also want to do this if your cat spends time outside. If you have a dog, it can help to get them used to having another companion around.

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