How To Train A Dog To Use Bathroom Outside

How To Train A Dog To Use Bathroom Outside


In many cases, dogs don’t know how to use the bathroom outdoors. You’ll want to take this into consideration when considering options for your dog.

Determining the best area for your dog to use

Once you’ve chosen the area that is best for your dog, it’s time to start training. The first step is to put your dog on a leash and walk him around the perimeter of the designated area. While doing this, make sure that he always has access to his bathroom spot. When he goes inside, reward him with praise and give him plenty of attention (this will help ensure that he keeps going there). If you have trouble finding a good spot for your dog, try looking in places like:

  • Sheds/garages
  • Sheds/garages
  • Bushes/trees

Positive reinforcement for the right behavior

You can reward your dog for the right behavior by giving him praise or a treat. You should also avoid punishing bad behavior, as this will only make your dog afraid and may make him less likely to seek help if he needs it in the future.

Praise is an excellent way of rewarding good behavior because it encourages dogs to continue doing what they’re doing well. As with any discipline or training method, consistency is key here: Always provide the same type of reinforcement after each successful attempt at eliminating outdoors, whether it’s through treats or affection (or both).

Toys are another effective tool for reinforcing good habits—and there’s nothing wrong with making sure your dog has a few toys around for entertainment purposes! If you have several toys that are always available whenever you come home from work but save one special one just for when she goes outside, then chances are she’ll learn that going outside means playing with this toy. Eventually all those positive associations will lead her straight into being an excited member of society who knows exactly what she needs to do when nature calls!

Identify the signs that your dog is about to defecate or urinate.

When training a dog to use the bathroom outside, you’ll need to learn how to identify when your pooch is ready to go. The best way to do this is by paying attention to their body language. Some signs that your dog may be about to have a bowel movement or urinate include:

  • Sitting down.
  • Sniffing the ground around them.
  • Scratching at their rear end and/or squatting down suddenly without any provocation from you or another animal or human nearby (they could also be trying to relieve themselves).
  • Dragging their paws on the ground as if they were walking through mud/dirt/snow, etc., which indicates that they are trying not just urinate but also defecate as well (i.e., “going number two”).

Your dog may not know how to use the bathroom outside, but with training they can become great at it!

Dogs can learn to use the bathroom outside. The key is consistency and positive reinforcement. You’ll have to set aside time every day for the next few weeks where you will work with your dog on training them to use their outdoor potty area.

When training a dog, start by setting up an indoor potty area (a box lined with newspaper) near their usual spot in the house, so they know what’s expected of them when they go inside. When your dog goes inside this box, give him/her a special treat each time that they do so – it’s important not to use anything negative like yelling or scolding! After doing this for a few days, transition your pet into using just one corner of an open field outside as his/her designated potty zone. Then gradually move farther away from home until he/she starts relieving themselves in his/her new area consistently!


We hope this blog has helped you learn how to train your dog to use the bathroom outside. While it may seem like a simple task, there are many ways in which owners can make mistakes in training their dogs. By following these tips and using positive reinforcement, you will be able to help your dog learn where they should go potty! Once your dog learns this new rule, it will become easier for them to follow all rules around housebreaking.

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