How To Train A Horse In Breath Of The Wild

How To Train A Horse In Breath Of The Wild


Getting around Hyrule can be tough. There’s a lot of ground to cover and plenty of enemies in the way. That’s why it’s so important for Link to have a good horse! Wild horses are all over Hyrule, but you’ll need to tame them if you want one as your steed. To that end, we’ve put together this guide on how to get a horse and tame it in Breath of the Wild.

How To Get A Horse In Breath Of The Wild

In Breath of the Wild, there are many ways to get a horse. You can find one in the wild, buy one from a stable master, or even get one as part of an event. Here’s how:

  • Stable Masters and Horse Traders sell horses
  • Ride Events will provide you with free horses (one at time) if you win them in races
  • Breeders have ponies that they sell for less than other breeds but stay small forever
  • Horse Races give you access to stronger steeds if you win some money by betting on them
  • Showrooms offer unique mounts that aren’t available anywhere else

Taming And Training Your Horse

There are several ways to tame a horse in Breath of the Wild, but it’s best to start with one that’s already domesticated. You can buy horses from stables around Hyrule, or you can look for wild ones in the plains and mountains.

Once you’ve found your new friend, you’ll need to feed him apples or carrots until he gets used to you. If he won’t eat right away, try using sweet grass (a type of seed), which will encourage him faster than regular grasses will. Once your horse is comfortable with you and has grown accustomed to your scent, it will be easier for you to ride them without being bucked off every few seconds!

Using Your Horse’s Stamina

Once you’ve gotten ahold of Epona, it’s time to take her for a spin. You can use your horse in Breath of the Wild in a variety of ways, including traveling and fighting enemies. When riding Epona, keep an eye on the stamina gauge at bottom right. If your horse runs out of stamina while running, they’ll immediately stop—so make sure that doesn’t happen!

To replenish your horse’s stamina when it gets low, feed them grass by pressing A when close enough. This will restore some health and put back some energy into your steed’s legs so they can run again.. If you want to increase how much stamina they have overall, try feeding them more grass or giving them food items like apples or carrots that increase their health points (HP).

You can control how fast or slow Epona travels by nudging left or right on either analog stick; pressing L2 will cause her to gallop instead of trotting along slowly. If you want her moving even faster than this though—and who wouldn’t?—press R2 instead.. This uses up more stamina per second than just walking normally would but gives better results when rushing across fields full speed ahead without stopping

Horses And Mounted Combat

You can mount your horse at any time, but you’ll need to be close to one. Once you’re on the horse, press A to make it run.

You may have noticed that each weapon has a special move you can use while mounted. These moves require stamina and can be used by pressing R + any direction on the D-pad.

When it comes time for combat, use these tips:

  • Use the speed of your horse to your advantage! You’re much faster than enemies on foot and even some other mounted enemies. Use this speed advantage as much as possible by running past them and attacking from behind or from far away before they get close enough to attack you back! If all else fails, just run away until another opportunity presents itself later in the battle! Remember—there’s no shame in running away when necessary! Your health is more important than anything else right now; don’t risk dying just for bragging rights about how many times someone hit their head against a rock wall without dying (that actually happened once…). Oh yeah…and try not fall off too often either; falling off means instant death 🙁

Just keep riding and you’ll get there!

As you might expect, Breath of the Wild’s horses are more than just a means of transportation. They can be used to explore the world and even take part in combat. Once you’ve obtained Epona and unlocked her abilities through equipping certain items, you may want to start training her so she can become better at using them on her own. This is done by riding out into Hyrule Field until you reach a point where it seems like there should be an objective marker indicating where to go next (a tower or shrine). Dismounting then equipping your horse with herbs or other food will make them eat while they wait for the marker to appear. Once it does, remount Epona and ride back toward your goal!


This is a pretty quick guide on how to train your horse in Breath of the Wild. We’re not experts by any means, so if you have any tips or tricks for training and taming your horse then let us know down below! There is also plenty more info on our site about all things The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild.

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