Learning To Be A Dog Trainer

Learning To Be A Dog Trainer


The field of dog training has become much more professionalized in the past few decades. Many dog trainers have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and some take courses to earn certification from the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. There are also many ways to supplement your own studies with work at a local animal shelter or veterinary hospital. If you’d like to learn how to be a dog trainer, here are four steps you can take that will help you get on your way!

Become familiar with dog behavior

  • Becoming familiar with dog behavior is the best way to learn how to train a dog.
  • The more you know about your dog, the more easily you can spot errors and correct them.

Work as an assistant to an established trainer

In order to learn from an experienced trainer, there are a few things you can do.

  • Find someone who is willing to take on a new assistant. This may mean asking around or posting on social media for leads. You want to find someone who is already established and has built up a reputation in the community, so that you can learn from their experience. It also helps if they have access to training tools like agility equipment or clickers or treats; this will allow you to get hands-on experience with some of these tools so you know what they look like when used correctly!
  • Make sure that your prospective boss has all their permits and licenses required by state law before signing on as an assistant. If they don’t have any of those things done yet (and it’s not too much work), offer your assistance with those tasks while learning how everything works first hand rather than just reading about it in books! Those requirements vary slightly based upon whether one is working

Get certified

Some dogs are more stubborn than others, and you’ll have to work harder to train them. In order to get your dog trained, you need a way to communicate with him or her. Dogs understand body language better than humans do! If a human tells a dog “sit” but doesn’t actually sit down, that won’t help much! So in order for us humans to be able to communicate effectively with our canine companions, we have created many different techniques that allow us both our voices and body language in one package – the clicker! The clicker is typically made out of metal or plastic; it has two parts: an arm (the top part) and a ball (the bottom part). You use it by holding it between your thumb and index finger while pointing it towards whatever it is you want your pet to look at. When they look at what’s being pointed at then press down on both sides simultaneously-that’s how this tool works its magic!

Take courses at a college

You can take courses at a college or university, which will give you a degree in dog training. You might be able to get an internship with a professional dog trainer and learn on the job.

Because of the demand for experienced trainers, many schools offer certificates and degrees in animal behavior science to anyone who has a bachelor’s degree in any other field.

The field of dog training has become much more professionalized in the past few decades.

You will find that the field of dog training has become much more professionalized in the past few decades. People who want to be trainers don’t just go off and start teaching dogs simple tricks and calling themselves a trainer anymore. In fact, some schools are now requiring students to earn degrees or certificates before they can even apply for a job as a dog trainer at an animal shelter or humane society.

It also helps if you know what your audience is looking for when they come looking for help with their dog. For example, if someone wants to train their pet Labrador Retriever so that it doesn’t jump up on people when greeting them, then you should have a good idea about how to teach your student how best to manage this behavior and what techniques might work best for his unique situation (e.g., teaching him not only “sit” but also “down”).


By following these steps, you can become a certified dog trainer in no time.

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