Life Expectancy Of A Rabbit

Life Expectancy Of A Rabbit


Rabbits are a popular choice for pets, especially with families. Just like cats and dogs, they’re cute, cuddly, and adorable little animals that can share a special bond with their owners. However, rabbits are also quite different from our other favorite pets in some ways. Unlike cats and dogs, rabbits live quite a bit longer than most people would expect! It’s not unusual to care for a rabbit well into their teens if you take the right steps to keep them healthy and happy. Rabbits are much more fragile than dogs or cats as well though so when you find out how long they truly live it can be alarming at first.

The life expectancy of a rabbit is 8 – 12 years.

The life expectancy of a rabbit is 8 – 12 years.

The average life expectancy of a pet rabbit is 5 to 7 years. Some rabbits live much longer, but it’s hard to predict when they’ll pass on due to their natural lifespan being so long. While there are many factors that affect how long your bunny will live, like its breed and the way you care for it, the most important thing you can do as its owner is keep up with regular vet visits!

Most pet rabbits will live longer than 5 years, though.

Most pet rabbits will live longer than 5 years, though. Some rabbits have been known to live more than 12 years and a few lucky bunnies have lived even longer, making it into their teens and beyond. It’s possible for your rabbit to live as long as 20 years or older if you take care of them right, but don’t get your hopes up for that kind of longevity; many people report their pets living around 30-40 years.

The lifespan of a rabbit is usually determined by genetics—some breeds are known for having shorter lifespans than others (5-10 years), while some breeds may reach the ripe old age of 50+!

The breed of your pet rabbit could be a factor in longevity.

The breed of your pet rabbit is a factor in its longevity. Rabbits of the same breed have similar life expectancies, while rabbits of different breeds have vastly different life expectancies.

Rabbit breeds with longer life expectancies include lionheads, angoras and Dutch. The average lifespan for rabbits is 5-10 years but some can live up to 12 years old or more if well cared for.

Larger breeds have shorter life expectancies on average.

Larger breeds have shorter life expectancies on average. Smaller breeds tend to live longer than the larger ones. This is because a rabbit’s size is related to its metabolism and heart rate, which in turn affects their lifespan.

The average lifespan of a house rabbit is 6-10 years, but some can live up to 12 years if well cared for and fed the proper diet.

Spaying or neutering your rabbit can increase their lifespan by 2-3 years.

Spaying and neutering can increase your rabbit’s lifespan by 2-3 years.

Male rabbits are more likely to develop cancer of the testicles, which is treatable if caught early. Neutering your male rabbit reduces the risk of this cancer by up to 90%.

Female rabbits are at risk for uterine cancer, which can be treated but may return after surgery or radiation therapy. Spaying will greatly reduce this risk and make it less likely that you will need to put your rabbit through invasive treatment methods in the future.

Take care of your rabbit and give them the best possible diet and medical care for the longest life possible.

The life expectancy of a rabbit is around 7 years, but you can extend that by taking care of your rabbit.

  • Feed your rabbit a healthy diet.
  • Get your rabbit vaccinated regularly and make sure they are spayed or neutered if they are not already.
  • Make sure your bunny gets plenty of exercise so they stay healthy and have fun! Rabbits love to run around and play, so it’s important for them to be able to get lots of exercise when possible. Try letting them out into a large fenced yard or putting them in an exercise pen with toys made especially for rabbits!
  • Give your bunny lots of attention and love every day! Rabbits need human interaction just like any other pet does because it makes them feel happy, secure, safe from predators (like cats), etc…

If you take care of your pet rabbit, they could live 8 to 12 years!

It is possible for your pet rabbit to live 8 to 12 years if you take care of it properly. If you take care of your rabbit, they could live longer than 5 years (though this is not as common). The longest-living domestic rabbit in the world lived 15 years.


Now that you know how long rabbits live, it’s time to get one! You can adopt one at your local shelter or buy a pet rabbit from an online store. Either way, make sure you do your research on what breed of rabbit is best for you because they all have different personalities and life expectancies.

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