Osu Breeds Of Livestock

Osu is a town in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria. It is the headquarters of Osu Local Government Area. The town has an estimated population of over 600,000 people as at 2010 census.

The town is located on the A109 highway which connects it to Owo and Okitipupa and also on the Trans Niger Pipeline (TNP) pipeline route. The town has many educational institutions including Federal Technical College, Osu; Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti; University of Ibadan; National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN); Ogun State College of Technology (OGCOT), Ijebu Ode; University of Lagos; University of Ilorin, among others. The major occupation in Osu is farming while some people engage in business and trading activities mainly in retailing goods as well as catering services to travelers along the A109 highway and other roads leading to different parts of Nigeria.

Osu Breeds Of Livestock

The Osu breed of livestock is an ancient breed of cattle that has been developed in Nigeria. The first crossbreds were bred using imported bulls and Zebu cows, later followed by the use of exotic breeds like Holstein Friesian. The first Osu calf was born in 1956 and since then there have been significant improvements made on this breed.

The Osu cow is a small animal with a hump on its back and it has a coat that is shiny black in color. It also has solid white horns which are short. The cow has a large frame and weighs about 300 kgs when fully grown up. It is also known for being very fertile with good milk production capacity per lactation period

Osus are very diverse, and have a wide range of livestock. They have cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. The cattle are raised primarily for meat, and the sheep and goats are raised primarily for milk and wool. The pigs are raised both for meat and as pets.

The pig is the only domesticated animal that can be found in all of Osus, although there are several varieties of each species that vary from region to region. Pigs are kept as pets in many families, especially those who live close to farms with pigs on them.

There are over two hundred different breeds of livestock. The following list contains some of the most well-known breeds of livestock.



Dall Sheep



Guernsey Cattle

Hereford Cattle

Holstein Friesian Cattle

Jersey Cow

Here are some of the most common breeds of livestock:

  1. Beef cattle: These animals are raised for their meat and byproducts. They include Angus, Hereford, Limousin, Charolais and Simmental.
  2. Dairy cattle: These animals produce milk for human consumption. Some of the most common dairy breeds include Holstein Friesian, Ayrshire and Guernsey.
  3. Sheep: Sheep are raised for their wool and meat as well as milk from sheep’s milk (ewe’s milk). Some common breeds include Lincoln, Corriedale and Dorper

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