Pig Breeds For Meat Production

When you are looking for a pig breed to raise for meat production, there are many factors to consider. These include the animal’s size, age of maturity, prolificacy, maternal ability, growth rate and feed efficiency.

The following is a list of some of the best known pig breeds for meat production:

Yorkshire—This breed is known as the “meat pig,” because it is a good choice for pasture-based management systems. It is known for its hardiness and ability to put on weight quickly. Yorkshire pigs should be kept indoors during cold weather.

Duroc—The Duroc breed was developed in America from Yorkshire and Hampshire breeds in an attempt to produce leaner pork with less fat than other breeds. The Duroc can be used in place of Yorkshire but is not quite as hardy or prolific as the Yorkie.

Berkshire—The Berkshire breed was developed in England and has been used there for over 100 years as a cross between Large White (also known as Landrace) and Chinese breeds such as Duroc or Meishan. The Berkshire has become popular in many countries due to its ability to gain weight quickly without producing excessive fat reserves.

Pig Breeds For Meat Production

Pig breeds for meat production are divided into two groups: Large White, Landrace, and Duroc varieties; and Hampshire, Berkshire, and Tamworth breeds.

Large White pigs are the most common breed of pig in America. These are the pigs that you see on farms in cartoons, with long snouts and curly tails. They weigh about 250 pounds at maturity, but can exceed 400 pounds before slaughter.

Landrace pigs are native to northern Europe and Scandinavia. Landrace pigs typically have longer bodies and shorter legs than other types of pig breeds. They also have a thicker layer of fat than other breeds.

Duroc pigs are one of the largest types of pig breed available today. Although they are best known for their large size, Duroc pigs also produce more lean meat than other varieties of pig breeds because they grow faster than other animals when fed a similar diet. Duroc pigs also produce more lean meat per pound than many other types of pigs raised for meat production purposes because they have a higher proportion of muscle tissue to fat than any other type of pig breed

The pig is a domesticated animal that has been bred for meat and other products since ancient times. The following are some of the most popular pig breeds for meat production:


The Duroc breed is one of the most popular breeds in the world due to its high carcass yield and quality pork. These pigs have excellent muscle and fat distribution, which results in a more marbled meat. They are also known as red pigs because of their reddish pink skin color.


Landraces originated in Denmark and other parts of Europe, but they are now found all over the world. They are medium-sized animals with white skin and black spots on their bodies. Landraces have high fertility rates and produce large litters with good survival rates. Despite their large size when fully grown, they remain active throughout their lives without losing much weight or becoming too fat.

Danish Landrace

The Danish Landrace was developed from imported Danish stock by crossing it with local breeds such as Large White, Hampshire, Large Black, Tamworth and Yorkshire. These pigs have an average weight of 300 pounds at maturity, with males weighing up to 350 pounds or more at maturity depending on the farm management program used

In the US, we have two main types of pigs: the Large White and the Yorkshire. The Large White is bred for meat production, while the Yorkshire is bred for both meat and lard (fat).

You might also hear about Duroc, Chester White, Hampshire, Landrace, or Pietrain. All of these are breeds of swine that are used for meat production in the US.

The Large White has a long body with good depth of rib and a large loin eye muscle (the shoulder blade). The color of this breed ranges from light to dark grey with white markings on its face and legs. The Yorkshire has a much shorter back than the Large White, with a deep chest and powerful hindquarters. It also produces leaner pork than other breeds because it has less fat in its meat than other breeds.

Here are some of the most common breeds of pig:

Yorkshire – This is one of the oldest breeds in existence. Yorkshire hogs are well-muscled, but can be a bit slower than other types of pigs. They have large litters, and their meat is lean and tasty.

Berkshire – This breed is known for its long hair and heritage as a “furnace” hog. Berkshires have a high percentage of intramuscular fat, which gives them more marbling than other types of pork. This means that when you cook a Berkshire pork roast or ham, the fat melts away, leaving behind tender meat with lots of flavor.

Duroc – Duroc hogs are among the most popular breeds raised for commercial use because they’re hardy and easy to raise with good feed conversion ratios (how much feed it takes to produce one pound of pork). They’re also known for their leanness and efficiency as far as getting meat on the table goes

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