Quiet Breeds Of Dogs

The quietest breeds of dogs are the ones that don’t bark.

If you’re looking for a dog who will be content to lie on the floor beside you, these breeds might be right up your alley.

These dogs tend to be more reserved around strangers and other dogs, but they are also more likely to stay in line if trained properly.

The following is a list of some of the quieter breeds:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Silky Terrier

Bichon Frise

There are a number of dogs that are known for being quiet. They’re not necessarily quiet all of the time, but they are generally not as yappy or loud as other breeds.

Quiet Breeds Of Dogs

Here is a list of five of the best quiet dog breeds:

  1. The Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie is an extremely small breed that was originally bred to kill rats (and still is). They have been around since the 19th century and can be found in many colors and patterns today.

  1. The Maltese

The Maltese is another small breed that was originally bred to kill rodents, however this breed was also used as a companion dog due to their good temperament and love for humans. This breed comes in many different colors and patterns including white, black, brown, cream and apricot.

  1. The Bichon Frise

This breed has been around for hundreds of years and was used as a guard dog in France because of its size (about 20 pounds). Today it’s mainly used as a companion animal but can still be protective if necessary. The Bichon Frise comes in many different colors including white, cream, gray and black with white markings on its head

The dog is the most common pet in the world. There are more than 400 different breeds of dogs and each breed has its own unique characteristics and temperament.

There are many types of dogs that are considered “quiet” but these breeds tend to be less active and more low-key. They tend to be good with children and other animals, which makes them a great choice for families with kids or multiple pets.


It’s no surprise that Poodles are on this list! They are known for being a people-pleasing breed that is also very smart and easy to train. They will also make you smile as they enjoy performing tricks for you!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are known as one of the most well-behaved breeds out there, so they make a great companion for your home or apartment. They are also very affectionate, which makes them an ideal lap dog.

While all dogs make great companions, some breeds are better suited to apartment living than others.

Here are six breeds that are naturally quiet and adaptable to apartment living:

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is an excellent family pet because of its gentle nature and patience with children. These hounds are sweet-natured and get along well with other animals, especially cats. However, they do need a lot of exercise and space to roam. Bassets also shed heavily twice a year and require daily brushing to keep their coats clean.


The Beagle is a playful dog that loves to stay active indoors or out for long periods of time. These dogs are great with children, especially when raised together from puppyhood. Beagles can be stubborn at times, so training them early is important to ensure that they become well-behaved pets. They shed year-round but not as much as other breeds like Labradors or German Shepherds do during shedding seasons due to their short coats.


Bulldogs have become popular in recent years due to their friendly personalities and cute looks — but they were actually bred as working dogs in England! Bulldogs were originally used for ba

There are many different types of dog breeds in the world, but some are more suited for apartment living than others. Here are a few breeds that are less likely to bark or disturb your neighbors:

Basset Hounds:

This breed is known for its droopy ears, long snout and short legs. They come in three colors – black and tan, liver and tan, or redtick. These dogs are very laid back and will try to follow you around the house if they can’t find something else to do. They have a tendency to be lazy, so they won’t require much exercise unless you take them on a daily walk. If you live in an apartment, this may be the right dog for you because they aren’t very active indoors either!


These tiny dogs were originally bred by the Toltecs as companions for royalty hundreds of years ago in Mexico. Today chihuahuas can be found all over the world due to their popularity as pets! Chihuahuas come in many different sizes and colors including black, white, brown and spotted varieties. They’re very loyal dogs that love spending time with their families but don’t require much exercise because they’re so small!

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