Rabbit Breeds For Meat

Rabbit breeds for meat are often different than those that are raised for show. Rabbit meat is a healthy, low-fat protein source. It’s also easier to butcher a rabbit than a chicken, so you can enjoy the meat much more easily.

Here are some of the best rabbit breeds for meat:

New Zealand White – The New Zealand white rabbit breed is one of the most popular breeds in Australia and New Zealand. They are known for their large size and meat production. These rabbits will weigh up to 8 pounds at maturity, so if you want an animal that will provide plenty of meat, this is it!

Californian – The Californian is another good choice if you’re looking for meat production in your rabbit population. They’re known for their ability to produce large litters and grow quickly into adults. These rabbits don’t have much fur, but they do have floppy ears and gentle dispositions that make them easy to handle when needed.

Champagne D’Argents – This breed was developed in France as a show rabbit, but it has since become popular as a meat producer as well thanks to its hardiness and great mothering ability (it’s also very friendly!). Champagne D’Argents grow to be medium sized (around 7 pounds)

Rabbit Breeds For Meat

Here are some of the most popular rabbit breeds for meat.

New Zealand White

New Zealand Whites are one of the most popular rabbit breeds. They are calm, friendly, docile and great with children. They have large, floppy ears that make them prone to ear mites. Their fur is short and smooth and comes in many colors: white, black, brown or blue-gray.


Californian rabbits are medium-sized rabbits that weigh between 5 and 8 pounds when fully grown. They are calm, friendly and quiet. They have long ears and come in a variety of colors including black, chocolate brown and white with tan markings on their face and legs.

Flemish Giant

Flemish giants are very large rabbits who grow up to 11 pounds when fully grown! They can live up to 10 years but they mature slowly so they don’t reach maturity until they’re about 3 years old.They have long floppy ears which makes them more prone to ear mites than other breeds; however they are friendly towards people as well as other animals in your house

The following is a list of rabbit breeds that are best for meat production.

New Zealand White

This breed has been bred for its meat since the early part of the 20th century. The New Zealand White is one of the most popular breeds because it’s hardy and produces large litters. The New Zealand White is an excellent commercial rabbit breed because they produce lean meat with less fat than other breeds. They also reach market weight at an early age, allowing them to be marketed sooner than other breeds.

California White

The California White was developed in California and is one of the oldest American rabbit breeds. It’s a medium-sized breed with long ears, but they usually aren’t as large as some other breeds when fully grown. Their fur color comes in shades of white, black or brown with white being the most common coloration. They’re known for producing high quality meat with low fat content and excellent flavor.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognizes five breeds of rabbits that are commonly raised for meat: New Zealand White, California White, Champagne D’Argent, Silver Fox, and Rex.

New Zealand White

The New Zealand White breed is the most popular rabbit breed in the United States. It is a white rabbit with black tips on its ears, nose and tail. The New Zealand White also features a black stripe down its back. This breed can grow to weigh between 10 and 12 pounds when mature.

California White

The California White is similar to the New Zealand White except it has a heavier frame and larger ears. It is also more popular in Europe than in North America. The California White was originally bred from South African stock but was developed in California by crossbreeding several different breeds of rabbits. The California White weighs between 10 and 12 pounds when mature and can live up to four years old if cared for properly.

Champagne D’Argent

The Champagne D’Argent breed originated in France but was introduced into North America by French immigrants who brought their cooking traditions with them when they emigrated to Canada, United States and other countries around the world during the 19th century

The following list of rabbit breeds is divided into three sections:

Meat Breeds – These are the best breeds for meat production. They are heavy and well-muscled, with good bone structure and fast growth rates.

Show Breeds – These breeds are generally used for showing or for breeding rabbits for show. They are not necessarily good producers of meat.

Dual Purpose Breeds – These breeds can be used for both meat production and showing. They have good rates of growth, but lack the muscling of the meat breeds.

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