Rare Poultry Breeds For Sale

If you are looking for rare poultry breeds for sale, then you have come to the right place. Here at Poultryfarm.com, we offer a wide variety of rare poultry breeds that are not only beautiful and exotic, but also very healthy and delicious.

Our selection of rare poultry breeds includes:

American Black Spanish

The American Black Spanish chicken is an elegant bird that originated in Spain during the 17th century. It was brought over to America by Spanish explorers who kept them as pets and eventually used them to create new breeds such as the Rhode Island Red or Delaware Blue Hen. These birds have dark feathers with white speckles on their breasts and backsides. They grow to about 12 pounds in weight and are good egg layers that lay about 250 eggs per year when properly cared for. They also have a calm demeanor so it makes them great pets too!

Chickens are the most common poultry breed in the world, but there are so many other breeds to choose from. The following is a list of rare poultry breeds that you can purchase from poultry breeders and farmers.

Rare Poultry Breeds For Sale

The Aseel breed is an ancient breed that originated in South Asia. It’s believed the Aseel was brought to the Middle East by Arab traders around the time of Alexander the Great’s conquest of Persia (modern-day Iran and Iraq).


The Brahma chicken was developed in Massachusetts by Seth Wright, who wanted larger chickens for meat production. He crossed Silver Dorkings with Malay Buckeyes and eventually developed what would become known as Brahma chickens. They were first exhibited at an agricultural fair in 1849 and became very popular in the United States. Today they’re known as one of America’s favorite breeds, along with Plymouth Rocks, Wyandottes and Rhode Island Reds.


The Catalana chicken originated in Spain during the 17th century when Spanish settlers brought their fighting cocks with them when they migrated to other countries such as Argentina where they became known as Catalanas because they were shipped from Catalu

There are many different kinds of poultry breeds available to purchase, and some are more rare than others. If you are looking for a unique bird that you can use as a pet or to produce eggs, consider looking into these rare poultry breeds.

The Araucana Chicken

This breed is named after the Araucana region of Chile. It has a small body, with long legs and a tail that extends beyond its back. The Araucana has blue, green or black skin and feathers, which are speckled with white spots.

The Barnevelder Chicken

This breed originated in Holland and was widely used for crossing other breeds to create new types of chickens. The Barnevelder is known for its large size and beautiful plumage coloration. It has white skin with black stripes on its head, wings and backside. The Barnevelder also has red earlobes and orange wattles (appendages under the beak).

There are many different poultry breeds to choose from. Some of them are easily available while others are rare and hard to find. If you want to start up with homesteading, then the most important thing is to know what kind of poultry you need to raise.

Here are some of the rare poultry breeds that you can try:

  1. Smoky Black Spanish
  2. Lavender Orpington
  3. Buff Orpington
  4. Blue Slate Maran
  5. Silver Gray Dorking

The Araucana, also known as the Ameraucana, is an American breed of chicken. It was developed in the United States, and is named after Araucania, a region in southern Chile where the breed originated.

The Araucana has a pea comb and comes in several color varieties: blue, black-breasted red, silver-laced wheaten and white. The pointed tail feathers are also a breed trait. The breed is believed to be related to the Chilean Chicken or Spanish Chocho, which has similar feathering but lacks the characteristic pea comb.

The Araucana was first imported into North America from South America by Dr. William Bremner of Massachusetts in 1845, who intended to use them as egg layers rather than meat producers; he also imported other breeds from Chile and British Columbia.[1] In 1900, there was an attempt by some farmers in Iowa to improve the Araucana by crossing it with other breeds such as Leghorn.[2] In 1912–1913, a group of farmers in Kansas attempted to improve their stock by crossbreeding them with Rhode Island Reds,[3] but this attempt failed because they lacked any knowledge about genetics.[4] More successful attempts were made before

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