Rare Rabbit Breeds For Sale

Here are some of the rarest rabbit breeds that you can buy:

Angora – This breed is one of the oldest and most popular breeds of domestic rabbit. They have long hair and a fine, silky coat. They are usually white with black tips on their ears, tails and feet. Their fur can be used to make angora wool which is used in clothing and upholstery.

Blue-Eyed White – These rabbits have blue eyes, white coats and pink noses. They are also called Dutch Rabbits because they were first bred in Holland in the mid-1800s by crossing Cottontail Rabbits with Flemish Giants to produce larger rabbits with more meat on them.

Californian Spotted – Californian Spotted rabbits have spots all over their bodies including their heads, legs and bellies. The pattern varies from rabbit to rabbit but they often have two spots on each ear as well as spots on their heads and necks.

Cashmere Lop – This breed was developed in England in the 1960s by crossing New Zealand White Rabbits with English Angoras (which came from France). Cashmere Lops are known for having very soft fur which is similar to cashmere wool so it can be spun into yarn that feels lovely

Rare Rabbit Breeds For Sale

There are many breeds of rabbits that are not so common. Some are rare, but others are simply less popular. The following list includes some of the most unusual rabbit breeds for sale:

The French Lop is a dwarf breed with ears that tend to fold over. They can also be born with short legs or no tail at all. This breed has been around for hundreds of years and originated in France.

The Mini Rex is an American breed that has fur that feels like velvet due to its high density. It is best known for being hypoallergenic because it does not shed much hair. This makes it ideal for those who have allergies or asthma.

The Californian is another American breed that was created by crossing Flemish Giants and New Zealand Whites together in the 1960s. It has a large, rounded head and ears that stand straight up on top of its head. This breed is considered one of the most beautiful rabbit breeds available today, but they require lots of attention due to their size (they can reach up to 17 pounds).

The English Spot is a unique-looking rabbit with black spots on white fur and pink eyes (the color varies depending on the type). They are originally from England where they were used for meat production during

It is a rare breed that you can find in the United States. This rabbit has a long body and is known to be an excellent jumper. It is also known for its speed and agility. The Swiss Angora rabbit has a dense, soft coat that can reach up to 14 inches in length. It is light colored but can also come in white, black, grey and brown colors.

The New Zealand White rabbit is another rare breed of rabbit that has been around since 1882. This breed is known to be docile and calm even when handled by children. The New Zealand White rabbit has a unique appearance with its short ears and compact body type which makes it an ideal pet for families with children who want to raise rabbits as pets at home or even in schools or other educational institutions.

The American Chinchilla rabbit was bred from two different breeds namely the Chinchilla breed from Spain and the Giant Chinchilla from France. This breed was developed by crossing these two breeds together with the aim of creating a larger animal than those found in Spain and France at that time which were small sized animals weighing between 6 pounds to 10 pounds only!

Orylag – is a rare rabbit breed from Russia. Orylag rabbits have soft, fluffy fur and large ears that are sometimes tipped with black. They have a varied color coat, including white, brown and black. Orylag rabbits can make good pets, but they are not very social. They prefer to be left alone and do not like being handled by people.

Orylag rabbits are a rare breed that was first developed in the former Soviet Union in the 1960s. The breed was created through crossbreeding English lops with French lops to give them a larger body size and longer ears. The name of the breed comes from its country of origin, Russia (Oryol).

The Orlyag rabbit is a medium-sized rabbit with short legs and long ears. It has an average length of 14 to 18 inches (35-45 cm) and weighs between 3-5 pounds (1-2 kg). It has an average lifespan of 8 years but may live longer if well cared for.

The Orlyag rabbit has a coat that is predominantly white with some brown markings on its backside, tail and legs. The fur on its belly may also be brown or gray in coloration

The rabbit is a small mammal in the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world. There are eight different genera in the family Leporidae. They vary greatly in size, from just 1.6 kilograms (3.5 lb) to over 20 kilograms (44 lb). Rabbits have long ears, large hind legs, and short fur. They feed by grazing on grass, forbs, and leafy weeds. Their predators include owls, foxes, coyotes, dogs and cats.[1]The male is called a buck and the female is a doe; a young rabbit is a kit.[2] A group of rabbits is called a herd or fluffle;[3] a group of baby rabbits is called a litter or kindle.[4][5] A group of adult rabbits working together is called a warren.[6]

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