Rare Sheep Breeds For Sale

The following list of rare sheep breeds for sale is arranged alphabetically. A few of these rare breeds are available in the United States, but most are available only from specialty breeders in Europe or Australia.

Aberdeen Angus


Berrichon du Cher

Border Leicester






Gloucester Old Spot


Jacob (Domestic)

Katahdin (Domestic)

Rare Sheep Breeds For Sale

We are working with a breeder of rare sheep breeds. She has a few different breeds for sale and is willing to ship them to you. She will also take custom orders.

The following is a list of rare sheep breeds we currently have available:

Sheep Breeds For Sale

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep – $300 each

Dorset Horn Sheep – $300 each

Dorper Sheep – $350 each

Romney Marsh Sheep – $250 each

In a friendly tone: If you’re looking for rare breeds of sheep, we have some of the most interesting and unusual ones available.

Sheep are one of the most popular animals in the world and they come in many different varieties. Some of these sheep breeds are very rare and hard to find. We’re proud to offer some of the most unique and interesting sheep breeds on our website.

The following is a list of some of the more desirable sheep breeds that we currently have in stock:

Karakul Sheep (Black) – This breed comes from Central Asia and was originally raised for their wool. Now they are used for meat as well as wool, with their meat being considered “luxurious” due to its high fat content. Their fur is often used for clothing such as coats or hats (hence their name). They have been known to live up to 20 years, but on average they live about 15 years.

Sheep are a common farm animal that people raise for their wool and milk. They’re also used for meat and as work animals.

There are many different breeds of sheep, each with its own unique characteristics. Some breeds are more common than others, but there are a few rare varieties that you may not have heard of before.

Here are some of the most unusual breeds of sheep:

1) Finnsheep

2) Bluefaced Leicester

3) Navajo-Churro

4) Katahdin

5) Jacob

6) Barbados Blackbelly

The New Zealand White is a rare breed of sheep that was developed in New Zealand. It is one of the smallest breeds of sheep in the world, with rams weighing about 120 pounds and ewes about 100 pounds. The New Zealand White has a short woolly coat that protects it from harsh weather conditions.

The New Zealand White has been used as the starting point for other sheep breeds such as the Corriedale, which was developed by crossing it with Merinos and Rambouillet. The Corriedale is also popular among farmers because it can produce both meat and wool.

New Zealand Whites are hardy animals that can survive in harsh environments. They are known for their calm demeanor and ability to adapt well to different climates and conditions. This makes them ideal for grazing on pastures or rangelands where there are no fences or shearing sheds nearby.

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