Rare Turkey Breeds For Sale

The following are some rare turkey breeds for sale:

Applegate Turkey (Applegate)

The Applegate is a breed of turkey developed in California by E.R. Applegate. It was first recognized as a breed in 1922 and is listed on the Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List. They have white feathers with black tips and legs, with a bronze-colored body. They are known for their large size and long breast feathers that hang down almost to their toes. They reach a weight of 18 pounds when fully grown and can produce large amounts of meat.

Black Spanish (Spanish)

The Black Spanish is an old breed of turkey that originated in Spain before Columbus sailed to America. In 1621 William Strickland brought them to Virginia, where they were crossed with other breeds to produce more tender meat, creating the Bronze Turkey we know today. The Black Spanish has since become extinct in its native land, so all modern Black Spanish stock comes from Stricksland’s original flock in Virginia or from later imports into North America by European settlers who brought them along as shipboard livestock, which accounts for why this bird does not look like other turkeys native to North America (like Narragans

Rare Turkey Breeds For Sale

It’s no secret that the turkey is the most popular holiday roast, but there are many other unique breeds out there that you may not have tried before.

These rare varieties of turkey are hard to find and are often a bit more expensive than the traditional turkey. However, they make great alternatives to the standard Butterball or Black Forest and can add some variety to your holiday meals.

Here are some of the most popular rare turkey breeds:

  1. Bourbon Red Turkey Breed

The Bourbon Red Turkey is an American breed that was developed in Kentucky in the late 1800s. It’s known for its large size and meaty breast meat. It’s also a fast-growing bird that reaches maturity quickly — about 18 weeks for males and 24 weeks for females. The Bourbon Red is recognized by The Livestock Conservancy as critically endangered due to loss of genetic diversity over time and lack of suitable habitat.

  1. Royal Palm Turkey Breed

Royal Palm turkeys were first bred by John Wootan in Florida in 1963 by crossing Narragansett hens with wild turkeys from Mexico, South America and Europe. They grow quickly (about 22 weeks) and have excellent breast meat but little thigh meat. Like other rare breeds

I have been a turkey breeder for over 20 years. I breed for large frame and good temperament. The following is a list of rare breeds that I have available for sale or show at this time.

Southern Bronze – This is the original American Bronze and what most of us think of when we imagine a turkey. They are very friendly, large framed birds with great coloration. These birds are also very hardy and will do well in cold climates.

Royal Palm – These birds are beautiful in coloration and have a very unique look about them. They come from Florida where they have adapted to the hot humid climate by growing feathers to protect themselves from the sun (ala peacock). These birds are very friendly and easy to keep, but need extra protection from heat during summer months because of their lack of feathering around face/beak area. These birds also make great mothers as they seem to be able to care for their young better than many other breeds due to their protective nature toward them at an early age.

Red Bourbon – This bird was developed in Kentucky by crossing a Red Bourbon male with a Royal Palm female (they were both released into the wild before any type

There are many turkey breeds that are not bred often, but they are still available. These turkeys make great pets and show animals.

Red Bourbon

The Red Bourbon is a rare breed of turkey because it is a cross between the Bourbon Red and Narragansett breeds. They have a red body and black head with white wing tips and tail. They were once known as Narragansett Reds when they were first introduced, but were later changed to Red Bourbons because their appearance was more like the Bourbon Red variety than the Narragansett. The Red Bourbon is one of the oldest varieties of turkeys in America, having been around since the early 1700s. They are excellent foragers and good mothers who like to nest in trees or bushes, making them easy to find if you lose them. They can also be kept in cages without harming their feathers or feet with no trouble at all!

White Holland**

The White Holland is an old American breed that originated in New York state in 1883 when it was crossed with wild turkeys by Charles Spencer at Spencer Farm in Lisle, New York. He had purchased six wild turkeys from Tennessee and began breeding them with domestic birds

When it comes to turkey breeds, you don’t have many options. However, if you’re looking for a turkey that’s a little different from the standard Bronze or Narragansett, here are some choices to consider.


The Sebright is an interesting breed in that it was developed in England specifically to be eaten by royalty. It’s not especially good for meat, but it’s an attractive bird with lots of personality. Sebrights usually have red wattles and earlobes and large crests on their heads. They can come in several colors including black, blue, white and bronze.


This is the most common type of turkey in the U.S., so if you want something like a Butterball but with better flavor and texture, this is one way to go. They’re easy to raise and lay large eggs in addition to providing decent meat tastewise (if you’re lucky). They’re also quite hardy — some say they can survive up to three days without food or water!

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