Rat Breeds With Pictures

Rat Breeds With Pictures

There are many different types of rats. In this article, we will discuss the different rat breeds and their characteristics.

The following is a list of all the rat breeds with pictures:

  1. The Fancy Rats (also known as Foreign Rats) are the most common type of pet rats. They come in many colors and patterns, and they have short hair in order to keep them warm during cold weather. They also grow bigger than other types of rats.
  2. The Hairless Rat is an uncommon breed that lacks fur on its body because it has been bred from two different species of rats that both lack fur. This breed has a unique appearance and makes a great pet for those who want something different than what they see every day when they look at their pets!

Rat Breeds With Pictures

Rat Breeds With Pictures

Albino rat

Albino rats are a white coat color. They have pink eyes and no hair on the head. Albino rats require more care than other rats because they are more susceptible to sunburns and skin issues. They also need to be kept in cool areas so that they do not overheat.

American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association (AFRMA)

The American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association (AFRMA) has been around since 1988, when it was founded by three people who were concerned about the health and care of pet rats. The organization is dedicated to preserving and promoting fancy rats as pets. It provides information about proper care, breeding standards and exhibiting your pet rats at shows throughout the United States and Canada.

Here are the 15 most popular rat breeds.

  1. The Hooded Rat

Hooded rats are one of the most popular rat breeds, and for good reason. They’re friendly, affectionate, and inquisitive. They’re also hardy and easy to care for — two traits that make them ideal pets for first-time rat owners.

  1. The Fancy Rat

Fancy rats are a newer breed than hooded rats, but they’ve quickly caught on with the public because of their friendly nature and easy upkeep requirements. They’re also extremely social animals who enjoy interacting with humans.

  1. The Dwarf Hotot Rat

Dwarf Hotot rats are small in size but big on personality: they’re energetic, inquisitive, and very playful! These little guys tend to bond strongly with their owners and enjoy spending time playing games or just hanging out together as a family unit

There are many rat breeds, but some of the most popular are the fancy rats, also known as fancy rats. These include the following:

Russian Blue Rats

Russian blue rats have dark fur on their backs and light fur on their bellies. They have white coats with black ears and noses. The eyes are silver or grey. The tail is long and slender, with a black tip.

White Rats

White rats have white coats with pinkish noses and black eyes. Their tails are brown or black on top and white underneath.

Siamese Rats

Siamese rats have blue-black fur with pale brown spots over their body and tail, while they have light grey eyes. They also have pinkish noses, whiskers and feet.

Albino rat

Albino rats are white with pink eyes. They can be any colour hairless or haired and are often mistaken for albinos because of the white fur. They usually have a small bald spot on their head, which can be mistaken for missing hair. Albino rats tend to get sick more often than other rats due to their lack of melanin (pigment). They also have a harder time staying warm in colder climates and need more care when it comes to grooming. Some albino rats will also have red eyes if they are heterozygous for the albino gene or have another colour gene that has not been masked by the albino gene.

American fancy rat

American fancy rats are also known as ‘fancy rats’ (not to be confused with domesticated fancy cats!). They were selectively bred over many years, starting with wild brown rats, until they became the creatures we know today – docile, friendly animals that make great pets! There are many different types of American fancy rat: Russian blue (very dark gray), Siamese (white face with dark ears), Himalayan (white body with colored ears), Cinnamon (redish brown) and more!

Barn rat

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