Small Chicken Breeds For Eggs

Here are some of the best small chicken breeds for egg production:

Australorp: The Australorp is one of the most popular hens in Australia. She’s known for her large frame, dark plumage, and rich brown eggs. The Australorp is a quiet bird that rarely crows. She’s hardy, easy to manage, and does well in cold climates. The Australorp can be used for both meat and egg production.

Cochin: The Cochin is a popular ornamental breed that originated in China. She’s very docile and makes an excellent pet for children since she doesn’t fly or scratch like other poultry. Her fluffy feathers give her a unique appearance compared to other chickens. The Cochin lays large brown eggs that have a high nutritional value which makes them ideal for baking cakes or making quiches.

Delaware: The Delaware is considered one of the best dual purpose chickens because she produces both meat and eggs at an exceptional rate when well cared for. Her plumage is golden buff with black barring on the back which makes her easy to identify from other

Here are some of the smallest chicken breeds that lay the most eggs.

Silkie. The Silkie is a very small breed of chicken with a charming, fluffy plumage and an exotic appearance. They lay about 180 brown eggs per year.

Small Chicken Breeds For Eggs

Leghorn. Leghorns are one of the most popular egg laying breeds because they produce white eggs in large numbers. Their combs and wattles may be a different color than their feathers, but they’re still quite handsome birds. They’ll lay around 250 white eggs per year.

Cornish Game Hen. These tiny chickens are known for their meaty bodies and succulent meat. They weigh only 1-1/2 pounds when fully grown! They’ll lay around 200 light brown eggs per year, making them excellent dual purpose birds.

If you’re looking for a chicken that lays small eggs, there are several breeds that fit the bill. It’s important to be sure that your small breed chicken is healthy, as any breed can lay large or small eggs.

Here are some of the smallest breeds that lay smaller-than-average eggs:

Barred Plymouth Rock

This is a dual-purpose breed with a broad back and well-developed breast muscles. They lay white shelled eggs at an average rate of 280 per year. They are slow growing and mature slowly, so they’re best for backyard egg production rather than meat production.


The Cochin is known for its docile temperament and friendly demeanor. As a dual-purpose bird, they lay white shelled eggs at an average rate of 260 per year. They’re slow growing and take about 16 weeks to reach maturity.


The Hamburgs are one of the oldest recognized breeds in North America and were first brought over from Germany in 1849 by settlers who wanted to continue their tradition of raising chickens in their new homeland. They’re hardy birds with good laying capacity, but they don’t produce as many eggs as some other breeds do because they’re smaller birds

The chicken breeds listed below are the smallest egg-laying chickens. The American Game Bantam, the Black Langshan and the Araucana are three of the more popular small egg laying chickens.

The American Game Bantam is a rare breed that was developed in New England in the mid-1800s. This bird has many attributes including being active, friendly and hardy. The bird lays small brown eggs that are good for eating or cooking. These birds are also good foragers so they can help with pest control in your garden. The American Game Bantam grows to be about 2 pounds (1 kilogram) and is available in both light and dark varieties.

The Black Langshan breed was developed in Britain in 1855 by crossing Japanese Langshans with other breeds such as Minorcas and Cochins. This breed was bred to produce black-skinned chickens with white feathers on their heads, necks and backs. They also have red earlobes and wattles that turn bright red when they are excited or agitated about something. These birds are calm but active birds that lay large brown eggs that weigh 1 1/2 ounces (42 grams) each on average. Their eggs have a high yolk count which means they make great hatching eggs for

There are many different types of chicken breeds in the world, but there are also many different sizes. Some people want to raise chickens that lay eggs, some people want to raise them for meat and some people just want them as pets.

The size that you choose for your chickens depends on what you plan on doing with them. If you are looking for a bird that will get up and go when it is time to roost at night then a bantam might be a good choice for you.

If you are looking for a chicken that will lay more than one egg per day then you may want to consider getting an egg-laying type chicken.

There are many different types of chickens that make great pets as well as great egg producers. Some people like having both small chickens and large ones so they can get the best of both worlds in one place!

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