Small Non Shedding Breeds Of Dogs

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are big and some can be either. There are also different kinds of dogs that you can get as a pet. One of these breeds is non-shedding dogs. These types of dogs do not shed their hair like other breeds do.

The most common reason why people choose to get a dog is because they want to have a companion that they can spend time with and play with. However, there are some people who do not want a pet because they do not want to deal with the amount of hair that comes along with owning one. If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, then here are some of the best small non-shedding dog breeds that you should consider getting:

1) Shih Tzu

2) Maltese

3) Bichon Frise

4) Poodle

5) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Small non shedding breeds of dogs are a great choice for people who have allergies and want to be able to spend time with their dog without sneezing or having their eyes itch. If you want a dog that will not shed, you are in the right place.

Small Non Shedding Breeds Of Dogs

There are many different types of small non shedding breeds that can be good for people with allergies. The best part about these breeds is that they don’t shed much at all and they aren’t prone to any other health problems that may cause your allergies to act up.

Some of the small non shedding breeds include:

Bichon Frise – This breed is one of the most popular small dogs that don’t shed because they only weigh up to 15 pounds and don’t shed much at all if you brush them regularly (which isn’t hard because they love being brushed). They make great companions for families with kids because they get along well with everyone and are extremely friendly towards strangers as well.

Maltese – Another popular breed that doesn’t shed much is the Maltese because it only weighs up to 8 pounds and has long white fur which makes cleaning it up very easy on your part since there is less hair than normal to clean up after each time it sheds its coat during

The following is a list of small non shedding breeds of dogs. This list is not complete but it does give you an idea of the many options available to people who are looking for a small non shedding breed.

  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  2. Bichon Frise
  3. Shih Tzu
  4. Pekingese
  5. Lhasa Apso
  6. Maltese
  7. Yorkshire Terrier

If you’re looking for a small dog that doesn’t shed, consider one of these breeds.

The following are small non-shedding breeds that are great for people with allergies or who want to avoid the hassle and mess of dog hair.


Pugs don’t shed much due to their short coats and lack of undercoat. They will only lose hair when bathed or brushed. Pugs also require regular haircuts to keep them looking good and healthy.

Bichon Frise

Bichons have silky white fur that doesn’t shed much but does require daily brushing to keep it from matting up. Their coats grow continuously and should be trimmed every six weeks or so to maintain a well-kept look.

French Bulldog

French bulldogs come in two coat types: smooth and rough. The smooth coat is short and easy to care for while the rough coat requires some grooming with a metal comb every few weeks to prevent matting or tangling. French bulldogs are also known for their flatulence, so owners need to be prepared for some odor at times!

If you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t shed, there are a few options. Some breeds are hypoallergenic and don’t shed at all, while others have the potential to shed very little.

Here’s a list of eight small non-shedding breeds that would make great pets:

  1. Bichon Frise
  2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  3. Chinese Crested Dog
  4. Havanese
  5. Maltese
  6. Miniature Schnauzer
  7. Shih Tzu

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