Small Pig Breeds For Sale

It’s important to keep in mind that pigs do not live as long as other farm animals, but they can be kept as pets for their entire life. A pig’s lifespan is usually between 10-15 years if properly cared for.

Pigs are intelligent, curious and social animals. They are also very adaptable and many owners can successfully raise them indoors on a small scale. Pigs are able to learn tricks and many enjoy playing with toys.

The following is a list of the most popular small pig breeds available:

Yorkshire Terrier Pig: The Yorkshire Terrier Pig is a miniature version of the Yorkie dog breed that was first bred in the 1960s by crossing various terrier breeds with Yorkshire terriers to produce a smaller dog with pointed ears and curly hair. The Yorkie pig has an average weight of around 30 pounds at maturity, but some can weigh up to 60 pounds or more depending on their diet and exercise regimen.

Small pig breeds for sale are an important consideration for many people who are interested in raising pigs. Small pigs are easier to handle, take up less space and require less feed than larger breeds do.

Adorable mini pigs bred in this small, Alabama town – YouTube

Small Pig Breeds For Sale

Most of the small pig breeds that are available today were developed in Europe and Asia. If you’re looking for a particular size pig, there’s a good chance that your local feed store or farm supply store will carry some of these breeds. However, if you want to buy one online, it may be difficult to find a breeder who ships small pigs across state lines.

Here is a list of some of the most popular small pig breeds available today:

Yorkshire Boar

Here’s a list of our favorite small pig breeds for sale.

Miniature Pot Bellied Pig

The Miniature Pot Bellied Pig is one of the smallest breeds of pigs, and has a short, stubby snout. If you’re looking for an adorable pet pig, this is the one for you!

The American Yorkshire Pig

The American Yorkshire Pig is a medium-sized breed that has been raised for meat since the 18th century. It has a long body, straight legs, and large ears. This breed can be found in nearly every color imaginable too! They are very sweet and friendly animals who love attention from their owners.

The Guinea Hog

Guinea hogs are small, fast-growing animals that live up to 10 years old on average. They have curly hair with a white body color with patches of brown or black spots throughout their coat (similar to a cow). Guinea hogs are smaller than most other breeds of pigs and make wonderful pets!

Miniature Mangalitsa Pig – Mini Ma

Small pig breeds are some of the most popular choices for homesteaders and backyard farmers. These little guys are known for being sweet, affectionate, and intelligent — making them an excellent addition to any family.

However, there are many different breeds of small pigs that you can choose from when deciding which to bring home. The following is a list of some of the most popular small pig breeds available today:

  1. Vietnamese Potbellied Pig
  2. Red Wattle Pig
  3. Tamworth Pig
  4. American Guinea Hog/Hampshire Pig
  5. Gloucestershire Old Spots

Miniature pigs are great pets for the whole family. They can be trained to do tricks, learn names and respond to voice commands. They love to play games, especially hide-and-seek, and they love to snuggle up with you at night.

Miniature pigs are very intelligent and make excellent companions. They will learn their name quickly and respond when called. Miniature pigs can be trained to walk on a leash or harness, but they should never be allowed off leash outside as they are easily frightened by loud noises or fast movement and may run away.

Miniature pigs do not bark like dogs but make plenty of other noise — grunting, squeaking and oinking — which can be annoying if they live in an apartment building or neighborhood where dogs are prohibited.

Miniature pigs require daily exercise, such as taking them for walks in a fenced area or letting them out in the yard for several hours each day so that they can graze on grasses and plants like cows do.

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